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Ek Dil Char Rahein – 2

The younger daughter of my housemaid had started coming. My mind was tempted to taste the sweet namkeen kachori of this Indian desi hot girl. So I started […]

Achievement of peak happiness in lockdown – 2

In House Made Sex Story, read how a boy was in the house with his young maid in lockdown. Both wanted to quench their thirst for sex […]

Ek Dil Char Rahein -3

Read in Free Desi Sex Girl Story that I was being fed grain on grain in order to impress the young daughter of my maid. It seemed […]

Achievement of peak happiness in lockdown – 3

Read in this home sex story that a young boy had all the fun of sex with his married housemaid. Made stays like his wife in his […]

Ek Dil Char Rahein -12

In House Made Sex Story, read how I had entrapped my sweet lady in the web of my words and gifts. After that, how did I make […]

Sexy college girl made junior a sex slave – 1

A junior in college was on my team. Once both of us were in the canteen, so I asked him to bring me food. He said, ‘Jo hukam […]

fuck neighbor by making girlfriend

Read in College Girl Sex Story that when my neighbor girl came to my house to get a book, by mistake, an obscene book went in […]

Thirsty pussy banged by lust – 2

Read in Best Indian Sexy Story that on the invitation of a married girl, I went to her house and gave her the wonderful pleasure of […]

Ek Dil Char Rahein – 23

In Hot Girl Sex Story, read how I was fucking a married girl in my office in the hotel. We both were enjoying this fuck very much. Enjoy […]

My fantasies for my accountant

Once I saw my office accountant cuddling with two men in the car. So my mind also started to fuck him. But due to being fat, I could […]

Lightning sizzling, agonizing pussy- 3

Read in the story of brother-in-law’s sister-in-law’s youth that my sister-in-law was alone in the house with me. Seeing his sensual body, my cock stood up. I wanted […]

Salhaj gets fucked like a wife in a journey

Read in Jija Saali Chudai Kahani how I took my widow Salhaj on a journey. How did I fuck her pussy by taking a hotel room at […]

Sizzling lightning, throbbing pussy- 4

Read in brother-in-law sexy story that I wanted to bring my sexy sister-in-law under my cock. I was melting him emotionally that he should let me enjoy […]

Chalu rich lady’s lust fulfilled

Read in Antara Basna sex story how I met a rich woman during a trip. He needed alcohol, so I made him drink in the hotel room […]

Sex fun in PG in lockdown – 2

In xxx hostel girls ki chudai story read how a hot hot girl got her virgin friend excited and kissed her boyfriend. How did both the girls […]

Neighbor sister-in-law’s love or lust – 1

Read in Married Lady Sex Story that my sex relation was with neighbor sister-in-law. But I wanted her to improve her relationship with her husband. Still she was […]

Sex fun in PG in lockdown – 1

Read in Lockdown Sex Story how some boys and girls got stuck with their landlord mistress in PG. How did the mistress enjoy a boy’s cock? Friends, […]

Lightning, burning, throbbing pussy- 13

In the story of the girl’s sexy ghand, read how I prepared my sister-in-law’s ass for sex by applying oil. She was scared. When the betel nut of […]

Infatuation of the mother of two young daughters – 5

Read the stories in sexy Hindi that my neighbor’s sister-in-law kept me a paying guest in her house to fulfill her lust. His daughters also became happy. […]

Jeth ji murdered me – 2

Read in desi xxx sex story that I wanted to kiss Jeth ji again with his long fat cock. But I was ashamed that how to tell […]

Infatuation of the mother of two young daughters – 4

Enjoy reading in Hindi sexy pussy story how mother of two daughters enjoyed sex with me in cinema hall. What did he do to me? As I […]

Jeth ji did my scandal- 1

Read in Jeth Bahu sex story that my husband usually lives on tour. I crave sex. One night I went to wee and came out half naked. When Jeth […]

Hot stuff found in wife sharing club – 4

In Bandage Sex Story, read how I made a chubby sister-in-law naked in a hotel room by tying her with a rope and enjoying painful sex. Then […]

Neighbor sister-in-law’s young daughters – 5

While enjoying the sex of the fresh pussy, I again fucked my sister-in-law’s younger daughter the next night. This time he also had a lot of […]

Hot stuff found in wife sharing club – 3

Read the sex on road story that I picked up the man of my choice from the swap club. How did he fuck me naked on the […]

Neighbor sister-in-law’s young daughters – 4

Read in New Burchudai Kahani that I asked sister-in-law’s younger daughter to be ready for sex at night. I went to his room and lay on his […]

Jaisalmer sand dunes – 1

Bhabhi Sex in Hindi Story Read that after reading my sex story on infatuation a sister-in-law came to visit me in Jaisalmer. How I became the […]

The same family made a bull – 1

Read in Sexy Family Story that I was getting three wonderful pussy in one house. I was fucking all three in turn. One day when sister-in-law’s mother and […]

Masturbating virgin sister-in-law

Read in brother-in-law sex story that my wife’s sister was studying by staying with me. Once I caught him in the bushes with a boy. so what did […]

After friend’s wife, sister-in-law also kissed

Read in Indian Bhabhis Chudai story that my friend’s sister-in-law also wanted to kiss me and become a mother. Sister-in-law made such a setting that she kissed […]