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Hello Friends, I welcome Madhu Jaiswal once again in this sex story with my cousin. In the last part , my brother kept me naked day […]

Sex Fun With Bhabhi And Her Friend

Hello Friends, I am with your friend Vin Talan once again in the hotel room sex story with the enjoyment of threesome sex story. In the […]

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Friends, my greetings to all the readers of the apology and salute to my standing alore to all the gentlemen. My name is Rahul and I […]

Enjoyed with sister-in-law in Metro

Friends, how are you all? I am a Jat of Haryana (Bhiwani) and this is my first story on the immigration site. Hope you all like the story […]

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Hi friends, I am your yogi, again, you have come to erect all your cocks and get your finger in hot pussy. My sexy aunt Xxx […]

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Hello everyone before starting the story! My name is Sunny. As my name is, so is my work. I am 22 years old. I am a resident of Himachal. […]

There is hope for that first night

Hello friends, my name is Vipul Kumar, I live in a city in Uttar Pradesh, due to privacy, I will not write the name of the […]

My friend made me hot by Choda

This is my honeymoon story. My husband had given a fuck to my virgin bur the very first night. I want to live those moments again; I wish I […]

A rainy night with a beautiful woman

Hello friends, My name is Happy Singh (name changed) and I live in Mumbai. I am sharing with you the true incident that happened to me. This […]

Bus travel

I fuck a desi hot bhabhi. I met her in the bus. She was sitting next to me. How did I become close to her and how did she […]

A rainy night with a beautiful lady

Hello Friends, I am Happy Singh, again in your service. I was telling my people about you. In the first part of this Hindi sexy story, […]

Choada first time found on the internet

Friends, my name is Shubham and I am a second year college student. This story is a true incident of my life that happened to me […]

Wife’s desire to see neighbor fuck

I gave my wife a kiss in front of my friend. She also wanted to enjoy the cock of a non-male. How did the fantasies of both of […]

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This girlfriend xxx story is about a girl who used to work in a shop. How did he befriend me and how did I feed him cocks? […]

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Hi friends, I am from the village near Rahul Sahu Gariaband (Chhattisgarh). Every day, reading the story on the intransigence also increased my lust, due to […]

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Family porn story is about the ass of my sexy aunty. I used to live in maternal uncle’s house. Mami is so beautiful that my mind used to […]

Widow’s Sex

Read in the naked story that I was widowed in my youth and I did not marry again. But the body needed sex. So what did i do? […]

Aashiqui and Chudai from a married nurse in a hospital

Xxx nurse sex story is my first fuck. While studying in a medical college, I befriended a married girl nursing. How did my cock penetrate her pussy? My […]

Widow’s Sex

I have nude sex in this story. Due to my disbelief, I took a non-male in my affair, called him to his house and enjoyed the fuck […]

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This desi girl chudai story is of my own daughter. Due to helplessness, I had to take such a step after which my thinking changed completely about […]

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In my mother-in-law xxx story, I saw my mother-in-law in my mother-in-law filming her blue film while fingering her pussy. I just thought that I will fuck […]

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Friends, I welcome Jai Dutta again to my wife’s story of succulent chudai. In the previous part of Wife’s Chudai Story, my friend did 69 with […]

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Hot aunty sex story is my wife’s aunt’s hot pussy fuck. Once both of us stayed at their house, then the full body of aunt was erecting […]

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Hello friends, I am again ready to cool your fire again. In the last part of the hot wife porn story my wife got sucked with […]