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Hello Friends, I am Happy Singh, again in your service.
I was telling my people about you.

In the first part of this Hindi sexy story,
in the fun
of oral sex with beautiful Hasina, I told you that I met a girl named Aparna through Facebook.

We both fell in love and she once came to Mumbai from work. She was going to stay at my house for three days. He had some work there.
On the first night itself we fell in love with each other and we both drank each other’s kamaras.

Now onward Hindi sexy story:

Me and Aparna were clinging to each other barefoot and playing with each other’s limbs after the first round.
I was stroking her Uros… and pulling her nipples.
She was also rubbing my land with her hands.

Our thighs were wrapped in each other and we started kissing each other again.
I was biting her lips and she was biting my lips.
We were sucking each other’s tongue by putting them in the mouth.

Meanwhile, my land also started giving signals that it is ready for the second round.
My land started touching Aparna’s pussy.
He also came to know that his lover’s weapon is ready once again to go into her pussy.

To heat Aparna, I started pressing her boobs and started sucking a boob like a mango, due to which Aparna started heating up again.
Then I sucked her tits very hard.

In turn, I sucked both cocks and stirred them again.
She started pressing my head on her nipples. I also started to force the head in her tits so that the fire of her pussy would flare up fast.

Then I started kissing and went down towards the stomach. I sucked her navel by twisting her tongue.
She started getting mad. While kissing, I reached the place of his pimples and started licking him on top of the pussy.

Now I come between Aparna’s two legs and put her feet on my shoulder.
I put my mouth in her pussy and started ramming her tongue inside and pulling her pussy juice.

She wailed – Ahhh… Ohhhh… Hmm… Ohhh… Uffh… Oh God… Fuck Me Happy… Ahhh… Suck Jaa… Give it… Chhod… Ahhh… How much fun do you give… Ohhh… Ohhh… My pussy… Ie… Ahhh… My pussy

The faster her siskaari was coming out, the faster I was licking her pussy.
I was getting more and more excited.
I drove her crazy by licking her pussy.

Then I picked up an oil bottle nearby and started applying oil on her pussy and my cock.
I completely drenched her pussy and my cocks in oil.

Due to this, he got chudas.

Now I was ready to tear her pussy. After applying oil, I started rubbing the cocks on her pussy. Aparna shivered completely.

She started pressing her boobs with her hands. I had already made her pussy suck red.

Now due to his excitement due to rubbing of cocks on the pussy, the nipples of his nipples became tanned.
She was trying to rub her pussy on my cock by herself.

I knew about his mind that now his pussy is in dire need of cocks. Anyway, I licked all his organs and licked him completely.

I too, while not delaying, put my land on Aparna’s pussy.
She was looking at my face and was waiting for when the cocks would land in her pussy.

I was also looking at his face. He was thirsty for cocks and my cock was also thirsting for his pussy.
Then I pushed one and removed the cocks in her pussy.

Aparna’s pussy was very tight but I had applied too much oil.
The smoothness of the cocks and cocks was so much that the cocks went into the pussy and went as if a knife was inserted into the cake.

I laid myself on Aparna and started drinking her lips very hard.
She too was blessed with my cock and was supporting me by mixing lips with my lips with full vigor.

I regained my speed. I started fucking in her pussy slowly while shaking her ass.
My land in her pussy began to come out with the sound of a frivolous voice.

Along with sucking Aparna’s lips, I was also kissing her neck and cheeks in between. Sometimes he drank milk from her Urozas and sometimes sucked the nipples.

She was also grabbing my pussy and pushing me very hard in her pussy. Her legs were completely wrapped on my waist and she was lying down with her pussy open so that the injury to the cocks in her pussy would go on.

She seemed very fond of fuck

We kept doing this kind of sex for about ten minutes.

Then I asked Aparna to come over me and I lay down.
Aparna came over me.

She grabbed my cock and took me to the mouth of her pussy and started fucking my land with pussy.
I was engrossed in suppressing the thick stems of his trunk.

Aparna lay down on me and we started kissing.
Meanwhile, Aparna was ejaculated.

I parked her and both of us reached the balcony naked. I leaned her on the balcony railing and started fucking her pussy from behind.
The drops of light rain falling outside were falling on our body and in the same rain I was fucking Aparna.

In such rain, I was having sex with a girl for the first time and for Aparna too, it was a completely new experience for the first time.

Although the night was dark and the rain was too strong, there was no fear of having sex in the balcony.
That is why we were engaged in fucking with fun.

Anyway, even if someone could see it from a distance, there were no visible cocks or pussy.

In Mumbai, who is fucking whom and where they are standing and fucking it makes little difference to the people.
There is no meaning to anyone more than someone’s personal life.

It was also fun to fuck in the open. Then I took out the land and started trying unsuccessfully to put it in the ass.

But he refused to put cocks in the ass. She started saying that she has never killed her ass.
Then I did not insist too much and started licking him by making him sit down.

After kissing for a while, I brought him into the room and laid him on the bed.

Then I put his legs on the shoulder and put the girl in her pussy.

Aparna’s pussy had become red after sucking herself. Along with her pussy fucking, I was putting finger in her ass too.

During this fuck, Aparna also fell for the second time but there was still life in my land.
Aparna’s pussy had swollen like a loaf of bread.

Now I removed the land from the pussy and stuck it in the middle of her boobs and squeezed her hands with both hands. Then he also held both his hands with his hands.

Striking, I started to fuck his valley of bobs. My Land was going to fuck Boobs in his mouth.
Aparna had also started licking the tongue with her tongue.

My passion was now in full swing. I could have ejaculated at any time, so I was pushing my cock back and forth with full force by squeezing it tightly.
Then I reached my peak and in a short while my land also left the atomizer.

As soon as the first squirt was touched by the semen, he quickly filled the cocks in the mouth and pressed my cocks towards his mouth.
The leftovers from my cock started falling down his neck.

Shock by jerk I emptied all the semen in his mouth.

Aparna got my cum seized and licked the land with a tongue and cleaned it.
I was tired and gasping and I lay on Aparna.

Aparna was completely satisfied with her fuck. She was rubbing my back, then she was turning my hand in my hair. Sometimes she was kissing my cheeks, sometimes she was kissing me on the shoulder.

The same word was coming out of his mouth again and again – I love you happy… I love you sweetheart!
I was feeling very relieved lying on her legs. After big days, cocks were thrown openly by cocks.

Then when kissing each other, we both did not know when we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Around four o’clock in the morning, I woke up and saw that Aparna was sleeping with rest in my arms.

In this way, seeing him naked in his arms, my friend also started saluting him.
I filled Aparna’s boobs in her mouth and started drinking her milk, which also opened up Aparna’s sleep.

She started waving her hair in my raw sleep and then she woke up completely.
We both got our lips together again. Soon the hands started caressing each other’s sex organs.

She started fisting my cock and I started to scrape her pussy with finger.

Soon the fire of fuck erupted and I once again licked the cocks in her pussy.

We played a passionate round of Chudai and then both fell down and became calm.
Enjoyed playing this game of sex with her. After a long time, I had such a sexy pussy fuck.

Aparna stayed with me for three days, during which we had sex many times.
We had all kinds of sex – rough sex, smooth sex, sex in the bathroom too. We also had sex in the kitchen.

I then persuaded her and made her ass fuck too. He got ass too and that experience was also good for him.

Now the day of his return has also arrived.
When I left him and went to Nashik, after closing the cabin in the sleeper bus, we also enjoyed the fuck in the moving bus.
Friends, it’s also fun to fuck in a moving sleeper bus.

This is how I made Aparna’s Hindi Sexy Chutai Chudai. He too enjoyed spending three days with me. After that, what will happen and I will tell you all in the coming time.

How did you like this story, write me in your opinion. Tell which part of the story you liked best. I will be waiting for your responses.

Inspired by your response, I will be able to share the rest of my and Aparna’s sex experiences with you how I fucked Aparna’s ass and did more than that.

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