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My friend made me hot by Choda

Hello friends, My name is Happy Singh (name changed) and I live in Mumbai.

I am sharing with you the true incident that happened to me. This is my first experience, so if there is some mistake in writing, then I will forgive.
I work in a television serial in Mumbai and because of this I have friendship with many girls.
I have also fuck many girls.

Now you all know that having sex with someone in the film line is not considered a very big thing.
You can spend a night with any girl while partying and it is very easy here.
So my life was also going on like this.

One day when I received a request for the friendship of a girl on my Facebook, I accepted her.
By the way, her name was Aparna (name changed) and she was an engineer student.
She was in the final year of her college.

After talking, it was found that she is a resident of Nashik.
Our talks continued for a long time.
I had not seen her in real yet.

His Facebook ID also had a photo of a flower on it. I did not even ask for a photo from him.
I used to think that if she believes me then she will show her photo of herself.

Well, then after that we started talking almost daily and he was very fond of acting in the film line, so he sent me the request. I came to know this later.

Then our friendship became so good that we shared the phone numbers with each other and then we started talking on the phone.
After about 2 months I asked for a photo to see her.

He had become so convinced in our friendship that I am worthy of his trust. He sent me a photo in the suit on WhatsApp.
This was the first time I saw him.

She was absolutely beautiful. Pungent Nan Naqsh… She was a girl with pink lips, bulging chest, perfect figure!
Anyone should fall in love with her as soon as she sees him.

For the first time I had liked a girl for love and thought that I wish this girl should come into my life.
Perhaps God accepted this as well.

After giving the photo, she was convinced that I deserved it and then she used to send her photo to me everyday.
Sometimes in a night suit and sometimes in a jeans shirt.

We had become used to talking to each other and staying in the phone like this.
Maybe he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him at first glance.

One day I told him about my heart.
Then she did not come online all day nor did she have a call.
I felt that my leaf was cleared here only.
Friendship also kept going in the affair of love.

But it was not so.
The next day he got a call from me and told that his phone was damaged due to which he could not talk.
Then he told that she too has started loving me.

It was as if I was flying in the air. I was blown away by the joy of hearing his love.

What was it then… From that day onwards, we kept talking on the phone.

Then we started having phone sex too.
But I could not meet him.

One day she got a call that she is coming to Mumbai for some work and she will stay with me for 2-3 days!

Laddus started bursting in my mind. One day it was difficult for us to cut.

Then that day also came when he had to come to Mumbai.
I also took a break from my work at that time.

For the first time I saw him at the station itself. As soon as I saw her, my eyes kept on seeing her. She actually looked more beautiful than she looked in the photo.

He was wearing blue jeans and a top, from which his stomach was visible and his navel was also visible.
Seeing the gentle body from her flower was making her mouth water.

I thought that I should kiss him right there!
But I controlled myself.

Then we hugged each other and we came home. This was our first meeting, so maybe she was a bit shy too.
Although we were open to each other over the phone.

As I have told you that we have had phone sex many times, but still when the first meeting comes face to face, the girls feel ashamed.

Well, she came from the journey and was also tired. She went on to freshen up.

By then I had ordered dinner because I could not cook very well and it was raining outside.
The rain of Mumbai has no confidence as to how long.

When she came out of the bathroom, I also changed and wore a T-shirt and lower.

She too wore a normal T-shirt and half-pants at the bottom, out of which her fair white legs were visible. Looking at them, it seemed as if waxing was done today.

Then after that we started having dinner and while talking, started talking here and there.
We ate food and then I did all the cleaning.
He also extended my hand.

After that we left the drawing room and came to our bedroom.
I ac Turned on and both of us lay down on the bed and put a blanket on top because the room soon became cold due to rain outside.

She came close to me and lay in my arms.
He put his head on my chest and started talking.

I was playing with her hair.
Then after a while, I also lay down with my face towards him.

Our faces were right in front of each other. We were just looking at each other and our hot hot breaths were hitting each other’s faces.
Then I kissed him on the forehead then he closed his eyes.

Now the atmosphere had become such that we were getting warmer in the body than the winter outside.

I kiss her eyes and come to her lips and my lips meet her lips.

We were going to kiss each other wildly. I was biting her tongue and she was sucking my tongue.
We kept kissing each other for about 10 minutes.

My hand kept moving on his stomach. He had a soft stomach like butter!
Then I lifted her T-shirt a little, so I saw her navel.
I was already stuck on that!

Just then I started kissing her navel. In his navel, I started licking with the tongue.

I removed my T-shirt and put her T-shirt up, then her pink colored bra was seen. I stared at her boobs first.

Her boobs were of perfect size and were very taut. I kissed her boobs on top of the bra and started pressing her nipple, then her sobs started coming out.

Now I removed his T-shirt. Now she was left only in bra from above.
I also opened the bra without opening the bra of her bra, so that both of her boobs opened in front of me.

Ahhh… her Tits were really amazing. Her brown nipples were very tight, so when I pulled her nipples with fingers, her sharp sizzling came out.

Then I filled one of Aparna’s milk in my mouth and started drinking her milk.
Milk did not come out of it, yet more fun comes in sucking mangoes with boobs than the fun that comes in sucking mangoes.
I also enjoyed sucking her mangoes.

I was licking her nipple with her tongue and also used to bite in between.
In the meantime, I was pressing the other boobs with one hand.
While doing this, I removed her bra too.

Then I came to her thighs kissing her stomach and started licking her thighs.
When I moved her half pants down, I saw her pink panty too!

She was wearing a set of pink-colored bra-panties in which she was in complete havoc.
I removed her pants and sniffed her pussy from the top of her panties.

Then without any delay her panties were separated from her body.
Now she was lying completely naked in front of me.

I just kept looking at his naked body. The maker had made very beautiful goods.
My excitement increased a lot.

Then I also removed all my clothes. There was no curtain left between us now.

As soon as I flipped my tongue on her pussy, she shivered and started rolling her hands in my hair.

Her pussy was very clean and clean. He had got full body wax done before coming to Mumbai, due to which his body was in full bloom.
My tongue was going to the inside separating both the pieces of her pussy and was tasting her Kamaras.

Along with licking Aparna’s pussy, I was also pressing her boobs, due to which she was completely immersed in the ocean of love and lust.
As soon as I put my finger in her pussy, she started to get pain.

Her pussy was tight but sex was not her first time. He had sex with his boyfriend earlier too, which he himself told me.
But it had been more than a year since he had sex.

She may have had sex with her boyfriend only two or three times. That’s why her pussy was tight.

Well… I started to put the finger inside her pussy and she started taking hers.
He put both his legs on my shoulder and started pressing my mouth in his pussy and I started licking his pussy.

My cock swung like a rod.
Friends, my cock is 7 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. He can dig the pussy of any sister-in-law or girl.
So far, all the pussy I had gone by, she was happy.

I was also tasting her Kamaras licking her pussy.
Then we changed our position to 69 and she started sucking my land.

My pussy was near my mouth and my cock had reached near her mouth. I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my cock.
In this way we started giving each other work.

I was licking her pussy for a long time, due to which her ejaculation happened before me and I drank all her Kamras.
I licked her pussy with the tongue and cleaned it.

Then I lay down and she came over me. She reached my lund while biting my chest and she took out the supra of my lund and licked it with the tongue.

She turned out to be a master of london.
He swallowed the lund all the way to the throat and started sucking the lund with lots of spit on it.
It was as if I started taking a trip to paradise.

Aparna had learned a lot in sex. Perhaps his boyfriend must have been a colorful person, who had taught him well to play with cocks.

She was also sucking my pills along with sucking the lond, which I was enjoying a lot.
After being able to suck like this for a while, my lond too gave up his juice, which Aparna drank in full.

He licked my land with a tongue lick and thus our first round was completed.

After this, how did the second round start and where did the journey reach you will get to read in the next part of Desi Maal Sex Story.

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