Aashiqui and Chudai from a married nurse in a hospital

Widow’s Sex
Widow’s Sex

Xxx nurse sex story is my first fuck. While studying in a medical college, I befriended a married girl nursing. How did my cock penetrate her pussy?

My name is Rudra and the name of that girl is Shalaya (revenge), whose Xxx nurse sex story I am writing.

I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh. My height is 5 inches by 9 inches. The body is also cool. This is my first sex story, ignore the mistake.

I passed the CPMT exam after passing the inter and I got admission in a nearby medical college.

When I went there new, everything was normal. I was good at reading, so even the Principal Sir used to like me a lot.

I was from a small village and my college was in a big city some distance away from the village. A private hospital of our Principal Sir was also at the same place.

Many girls used to study with me. I used to stay silent after seeing them all.
The interesting thing was that your brother was in the hearts of a lot of girls.
Initially I did not know this, but later I came to know about it.

A girl also proposed to me, but I did not like her.
Let’s talk about it later, I am now narrating the incident, which will make you erotic.

With whom I am writing this sex story, he got a new marriage. She was a little older than me, so I never paid any attention to her.

She was studying nursing here, staying away from her husband.

Her figure was amazing and she was amazingly beautiful. He had a full body was sexy body. It seemed like a really big item.

After a few days, the first year of studies was over, then the Principal Sir asked me to come to his hospital. I started going there.

A few days later, it was found that all the girls were also coming there. I was a little happy that my good time with him would pass.
Although I did not have any affair with any girl yet, there was not much happiness. But it was good, I thought I would enjoy it.

The girls started arriving from the next day. Two groups of 3–3 were formed. One group used to come three days a week and another group used for the second time.
Sunday was off.

Everything was normal.

One day Sir gave a list. It was a list of the mobile numbers of the students of the class, they had to call and tell them that tomorrow is not to come.

I did the same, but one of the girls started harassing me. I did not even like him.

I told this to my group girl Shalya Nurse.

By that time, the girl with that phone had spoken on the phone 2 to 3 times.

Shalya said to me – Come on I see she will not bother you.
There was a lot of talk about me and Shalya about this matter, and I do not know when the two of us fell in love.

He also told me ‘I love you ..’
I liked it too, so I agreed.

Now whenever we met and nobody was there, we used to play with each other’s body. Used to kiss
I also went to hang out with him, but at that time there was a whole batch together in the tour… so it was difficult to do anything with him.

Now the enthusiasm among us was increasing and the young people started feeling the urge to extinguish their fire.

She said to me one day that man, how many days will it last… Now I want all of you.
I said- well you mean eight inch part too?

He said while holding a back on my back – he is holding it right.
I said – where have you caught anything. If you hold it and tell it, which part of the eight inch is needed?

She smiled while pressing her eyes and started looking around.
I crushed his nipple and said- There is no friend… be carefree.

After listening to me, he put his hand on my Alore from the top of my pants and started caressing it.
Lund started showing positions.

He said while rubbing the cocks, look at the barbs of the brother-in-law… he has not even put his hands properly and has started numbness.
I said- Yes man, it is not known that the one who takes its strut in the mouth will loose all the barbs.

She laughed and mashed the cocks and said – its owner will remove it from his hand.
Keeping my hand on his hand, I said – The owner’s hands have been loose many times. Now the mouth of the mistress will be gone, only then its heat will be cool.

She started looking at me with her eyes dancing, so I pulled her cheek and took a twitch and said – what are you looking like… take it in the mouth quickly.
She started laughing and said – Here in the open, it will become full of respect. Find a place where only the cave that ends its air will cure it.

I understood that the prisoner’s pussy is moving for cocks.

I said – let’s see… will you go to the hotel?
She said – No Baba… there I am scared. Look for a safe place.
I left by doing ‘hmm ..’.

For some time, both of us kept talking about love and love and the meeting of love ended.

Now both of us were looking for a room for sex. No room was available.
It was my first time, so I was also more excited. She was more than me.

After much deliberation, we made a program to meet in the hospital itself.

When I said to help the old compounder of the hospital, he also agreed.
He told about an empty room to go there.

When I talked to my jugaad Shalya, on the second day she too agreed to see the room.

We both made an afternoon plan on the same day.
At that time all students used to go.

We both eagerly started waiting for everyone to go.

Then she said – I am going from the hospital. If both of us stayed alone, no one would be suspicious.
I too agreed with him.

On the other hand, it was necessary to avoid anything from that Madarachod compounder. He did not know that both of us have a sex program today. He used to keep an eye on both of us when the game is going to happen. It was necessary to give him a shot as well.

Then Shalaya went on saying that her health was bad.
Seeing this, the compounder also went away from lunch.

Then when it was time for everyone to leave, everyone left. The compounder was also gone.

I called Shalaya.
She arrived at the gate in ten minutes.
We both entered inside the room.

Shalaya too broke down on me as soon as the room was closed.
I was also very excited.
We started kissing each other with each other in the arms.

I started pressing her boobs and kissing her. Then I took him in my arms with his arms full and sat on the bed.
She was in my lap.

I started kissing him. After some time I took off his shirt and laid him on the bed and climbed on top of it.
Taking down my hand, I moved out of his salwar legs.

He also took off my T-shirt. Here her bra panty was all separated, she was completely naked.
I started to see her pussy.

There was not a single hair of Jant on her pussy, it was very clear.

I enjoyed seeing her smooth jasmine.
When I looked at her, she put her hand on the pussy and said that she had gone to clean it.
I laughed.

Now all this was going to be with me for the first time… so I was enjoying it a lot.

I started kissing on Shalya’s pussy.
She started sighing. He also started enjoying a lot.

He started sucking my eight inch cocks in the mouth. I started sucking my Alore shakily.
I was feeling very good.

Soon both of us had warmed up to the climax and were ready for fuck.

He looked with lust in my eyes and licked my cock.
I understood his gesture and came upstairs with him lying down.

He opened his legs and lifted his pussy. I set the cocks on her smooth pussy and then she started to cry ah ah and bid – now also paleo.

I pushed.
More than half of my cock moved in his raspberry pussy.

When he entered the cocks, he screamed.
I quickly put my hands on her mouth and suppressed her voice.

She was swearing a lot. He gestured to stop me by hand.
We both stayed for a while.

Then slowly I started moving cocks, she also started to face cocks.

My speed increased and his fuck started. She started sobbing, her eyes were closed and a sense of ultimate happiness was visible on her face.

While doing slowly, I started taking the whole cocks out in the pussy.
Her fun-filled voices were telling that she had started having fun in her pussy.

I kept fucking him for ten minutes.
By now she had fallen once, now my cock was about to come.

I asked her – Where are you baby baby fun?
He said while pressing his eyes – Put your fun in my fun.

I did the same. He hit a sharp stroke and left Rasdhara in his pussy.

Shalaya was very happy with today’s fuck
Maybe after a long time she got the taste of cocks, I also understood that her husband had fuck her pussy maybe five to four times.

On my asking, he told- Yes, my Lolu husband had sex with me twice before you.
When I heard the word Lolu from her mouth, I understood that her husband’s cock would be junk.
That is why I did not ask for the details of his fuck. I just kissed her once more and put on clothes.

He may have other cocks… but for me it was a matter of first time and first kiss… So just do not ask how much fun I must have had.

Now you guys must be thinking what would be fun in ten minutes of fucking. There was a lot of risk, whatever we had to do, we had to do it in a hurry.


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