A rainy night with a beautiful lady
A rainy night with a beautiful woman

I fuck a desi hot bhabhi. I met her in the bus. She was sitting next to me. How did I become close to her and how did she beat her pussy?

How are you guys? My name is Sam (Sameer Sheikh).
I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. My age is 22 years, 6 feet tall and the size of the penis is 7.5 inches. My cock is 3 inches thick.
I am studying engineering right now.

Since childhood I have been a good looking but a little skinny boy. Along with that, I am also very shy, so I never cracked a girl nor had sex with anyone.

I have been very interested in sisters. Seeing their ass and breasts, I have beaten a lot.
Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s start the story.

This story is about my first sex.
I have been reading stories of immigration for many years. Then I thought why not share a true story that happened with your own people!

This is the story of last year… when I was going from Ahmedabad to Rajkot by bus to take the exam.
It was a six-hour journey. It was midday and the heat was too much. For this reason the bus was less crowded.

Mostly I prefer the window seat to sit. So I climbed into the bus and sat on my seat and started looking for a sister-in-law back and forth.
But Pandu was his destiny. No good sister-in-law or girl was on the bus.

Just got up at my appointed time and I put headphones in my ears and started listening to the songs.

At the next stop, a few people climbed, leaving only 2 seats to sit in the bus.

At the same time an old lady and a sister in law with her cool figure climbed. She wore a red sari and she wore something like a mask on her face. His figure was such that one could come to life in the cock.

I thought in my mind that I wish… if that sister-in-law sits next to me, then it will be fun to travel further.
But luck was broken and that sexy sister-in-law sat on the back seat.

Then I gave up and tried to sleep with my eyes closed.

After a while, just stopped at a station. Everyone got off for a walk because the journey was long.

I thought that I would also lighten up a little by urinating.
I landed down and urinated and came. Then saw that sister-in-law had also come out. When I saw his face, it looked alright.

But his figure was very murderous. His size was 38-34-38, which I came to know later.

The bus was about to leave and I boarded the bus at the very end.
On seeing it, the sister-in-law had changed her seat with that old lady. She was sitting on my side seat.
I too became happy and went to sit quickly.

But the bus was crowded because everyone climbed together and I could not enter in a hurry.

Sister-in-law stood up and I went inside and rubbed the cocks on her ass.
Then I sat on my seat. Just got out and I started listening to the songs again.

When I looked at her with a skewed look towards her sister-in-law, she was looking at my mobile.
When I looked at them, she started sleeping.
Now I was just shy and I was just looking.

Her boobs were moving up and down with her breath. Seeing them, my cock was erected.
Now I thought that sister-in-law is sleeping, so why not open up a little?

I began to act like finding something in my shirt pocket and lightly touching their boobs with my elbow.
He did not have any response. I thought she was sleeping.

The second time I applied a little pressure and pressed his boobs with the elbow, then he opened his eyes and looked at me.
My ass was torn and she started sleeping again.

Now I started looking at my mobile for a while.
I thought I had to do something today.

Then I folded both my hands on my chest. I was wide and the seat was small, so my elbows started touching their boobs.

I too, with the courage to take advantage of the movement of the bus, touched his left hand gently with two fingers.
Now that she was sleeping, the second time I pressed the left hand bit with two fingers as soon as the bus moved.

This time, he did not get any response from him, so I again pressed the finger with fingers, but this time I allowed the fingers to remain on his cock.

Now for a while I kept doing this action with fingers.
When she was sleeping, I got an open exemption.

Then due to lust I put my whole hand over his blouse, then he opened his eyes.

At the same time, I quickly removed my hand. Now she started pretending to sleep again without saying anything.

I then started my work and pressed the cock firmly with my hand.
I did not get any response from them, so I understood that the goods are set.

When I put my hand lightly on his stomach, he smiled openly towards me.

Then he went down and rested his left hand on my thigh and put his head on top of it.
I understood that she was pretending to sleep like that only for my ease.

Now I was pressing her nipple with pleasure. When I tried to put my hand inside the blouse, she sat down and took out her mobile and dialed her own number and showed me the mobile.

I also messaged them on WhatsApp after noting the number and asked their name.

He told that his name is Aamna.
I asked why she got up?
So she started saying that there are more people on the bus. If anyone can see then it will be disrespectful.

I said – I will touch a little above and I will not do anything other than that. Nobody will even think that I am manipulating your organs.

Then she smiled and came back down in the same position.
Now I started pressing her softest soft boobs easily.

After a while, I put my hand down and started teasing her pussy from the top of the sari.

She was absolutely shocked and started looking at me angrily.
Then she started scolding me by messaging on WhatsApp because we could not talk in front of everyone.

I also wrote in the reply that I am no longer with me.
Then she laughed and saw my taut cocks in my jeans.
Then he secretly brought down his hand and placed it on my cock.

As soon as he kept his hand, my cock started jerking loudly.

I also took my bag for precaution and kept it on my thigh so that no one could see the sister-in-law’s hand placed on my cock.

Now my cock was in the back of the bag and the sister-in-law’s hand came from under the bag. On getting the chance, I opened the chain of pants and took the cocks out and gave it to the sister-in-law.

She was happy to see my cock and started to lower her skin.
After getting the touch of someone else for the first time, my cock also left the water, then she started laughing.

I also pressed her nipple from the top of the blouse. I then asked her about the accompanying lady.
So she said – she is my aunt. I am married in Rajkot and my husband is in marketing business. My aunt also lives in Rajkot.

Before I asked anything else, he told that there is no one else at his house right now.
I also understand what she is trying to say.

Then I also said that I have no one in Rajkot.
So he gave me his address and invited me to come to his house.

At the same time the conductor said – Rajkot is going to come. People who land at the first stop come forward.

We both sat properly and I messaged them and promised to meet them in the evening. His stop came first. She and her aunt got down and after that my stop also came.

I also got off the bus again. When my friend came to pick me up, we both sat on the bike and came to my friend’s room. As soon as I came to the room, I started chatting with sister-in-law and we talked very sexy.

I told them that I will not be able to come today because I have an exam tomorrow morning and I can come by tomorrow afternoon.
At first she was a little disappointed and then agreed.

That night I had a dream of my sister-in-law. To tell the truth, my paper did not go well the other day.
As soon as the paper was finished, I messaged them and caught the rickshaw and went straight towards the sister-in-law’s house.

It was midday, so everyone in his colony was inside the houses as the heat was quite hot.
Finding the house of Aamna Bhabhi, I rang the bell and they opened the door.

I saw that she looked absolutely doom in a blue sari. Thought I would slam here.
He woke me up with a pinch and said with a laugh – will you come in or just keep watching?

Now I went inside the house and started closing the door.

I caught them from behind and kissed on their left ear. Then with both hands, her breasts started to crush at the top of the sari.

She said – Please have some patience. Today you have a lot to do.
Then I stopped.

He asked me to sit on the sofa and went to the kitchen and took a glass of water and came to the drawing room and gave it to me.

Then she too came and sat on my side and started asking about the paper.
I said – leave them all. tell me about yourself. Where is your husband

She became somewhat sad after hearing this.
She said – I am a very cultured woman. Many people line me up, but till date I have not given anyone a sense. But my husband does not give me time and when you touched me in the bus, I felt so good for the first time.

I hugged the sister-in-law and hugged her and said- No problem, law, I am not going to give you time from today!
She laughed and said- By the way, you are too fast.

I said on this – No sister-in-law, I am very shy, but in your case what do you know how fast it has become.
We both started laughing at it.

After that, sister-in-law said – You will be hungry from morning. Let’s eat food.
I too told them with a wink – I have to drink milk.
Sister-in-law said – she will get it. Let’s just have dinner quietly.

She started serving me food.

After serving her food, she started to sit on the armchair, so I pulled her and made her sit on my lap.
I said – feed you only.

She lovingly started feeding me food and I used to eat and started fingering her navel and playing with her breasts with the other hand.
She started scolding me – eat food quietly.

After eating food, he said – You sit in the hall. I come clean the plate.
I started going to the hall. Later, I came up with an idea and I secretly went to the kitchen behind them and caught them from behind.

My land started rubbing on her Gand and with both hands, I started pressing her breasts firmly.
I started kissing on his neck.

She started removing me, but I kept her firmly this time.
After that, straightening them, put our lips on their lips and we both started kissing each other.
I started pressing her boobs with my hands and she also started taking Siskiari.

We both started getting hot and I started taking off her saree in the kitchen itself and she also took off my T-shirt.
She started laughing after seeing my slim body.

I said – yes yes… laugh now… but if the thick tool below did not make you cry, then my name is not Sam.
She said- Good sir… show your fat Nawab… I shall also see?

I said on this – you can see for yourself.

She came close to me and took off my pants and looked at my underwear.
Seeing my tread 7.5 inch, his eyes were torn and he said – it will really tear me. This is twice my husband’s land.

This time it was my turn to laugh.
I also removed her sari and started kissing her breasts from above the blouse and later quickly opened the button of the blouse.

Seeing my eagerness, she also started supporting me and I opened the pulse of her petticoat.

Now she was in front of me only in bra and panties.
I also started looking at his body and said – What a beautiful carving you have!
She blushed.

After that I removed the bra and seeing her breasts, I broke down on them.
Her breasts were big but not loose at all.

Tits had brown nipples which were very attractive.
I just collapsed on the bobs and left my tooth marks in every corner.

Now she was hot and started speaking for Chodne.

I took off her panties and sat down and saw if there was pink pussy, friends… I still remember the same sight of seeing her pussy for the first time.

With firecrack, I put my pink pussy on her face and started sucking.
She jumped and put a finger inside her pussy and she started taking Siskiari.

Fast I was running a finger in her pussy.
His condition began to suffer. No one had served her pussy in any manner.

Due to the excitement, she collapsed in a short time. Her pussy left a lot of water and I drank all the water of her pussy.

Now it was his turn to show his game.

I stood up and held him by his shoulders.

When she started looking at me, I said – now you also suck my cock!
So she said – I do not like it.
When she started sucking cocks, I was a little upset.

I walked into the hall from the kitchen and sat on the sofa naked.

She also followed me to the naked hall and started sitting near me and lowering the land up and down.

Now my land again came in its true form and she dared to suck it in her mouth.
Wow… I still remember that feeling today.

During this time, I also began to hold his open hair and lower his mouth up.

In a short while, I fell in his mouth only. She started looking at me with anger.

I also mashed her breasts and said sorry and lay in her lap.
She started playing with my hair.
We were both doing all this nakedly.

After some time, my land stood up again.

Again, I was sucking in the mouth to her breasts she went hot and said just now … I fucking two.
I also his story this time lying on them and spread his legs set Lnd on her pussy gave.

Setting the cocks, I pushed slowly and then the land slipped.
When she laughed, I said – this is my first time. So there is no need to laugh. Now this is going to play your pussy band.

This time he grabbed my land and set himself on my pussy and when I pushed slowly, he jumped.
He started getting pain and his face turned red.

That quote – ah… very big. This will give pain. Take it out Will do later I will not be able to get it now.

I also held them and started playing with the breasts.
When she became normal, she again took a blow.
This time half the land entered her pussy and she started crying and screaming.

Seeing his condition, I put his lips on his lips and lying on top of him started drinking the lips.
Then after giving some pause, I made a push and then the whole land was set in her pussy.

Then after staying like this for a while, I slowly started fucking him.
After some time, she became normal and took her Gand and started supporting me.

She started to enjoy sex and she started shouting, “Ahhh … Ahhh … Yes … Chodo yaar … Chodte raho … I am enjoying taking cocks after a long time.” Ohhh… make my pussy thirsty cold.

I also started fucking him at full speed and he collapsed within a short time.
Even then, I kept on and kept fucking him constantly.

During that fuck, he showered three times.

Then later when I was going to be there, I asked for a place to take out the goods.
She said – Take it out inside. I want to feel your semen in my pussy.

I lay on them for a while.

On the same day, I had a night return ticket and I needed to go to Ahmedabad.
With great sadness, both of us said to each other bye and she started to speak while going – this was the best sex of my life and embraced me.

I also promised that I will come for sure next time.

After that I am now waiting for the day when I will meet her sister-in-law again. I am dying to fuck her pussy.

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