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Wife’s desire to see neighbor fuck
A rainy night with a beautiful lady

Friends, my name is Shubham and I am a second year college student.
This story is a true incident of my life that happened to me a few months back.

So now let us come to the sexy story of straight sexy girl.

I live with my family in Pune city and am completing college. By the way, I had paid money many times but never had a girl of my age, so I wanted to see any girl and fuck her

On social media, I used to follow many girls that I wish someone would fall and get a chance to kill her pussy.

One day a girl accepted my friend request.
When I saw her photo, my cock quickly got up. She was younger than me in the height, but her mums were very big according to her age.

Seeing this, I immediately sent him a message and he also repaired very quickly.
She was very beautiful in appearance. It was very fair and very hot.

Seeing the photos of her sexy thick boobs, I felt like fucking her because she had put a lot of photos in only short shorts.
In those shorts, her white blonde legs were visible and she also showed the butts in a very cool way.

At first we talked normal, then later talking we came to know that she lives just 1 kilometer away from my house.

Knowing this, I became more happy and started talking to him with more interest.
While talking, I asked her whether she was single or not?

So he told that he had a boyfriend before but they broke up two months ago, so he is currently single.
As soon as I heard this from his mouth, I also started impressing him and started impressing him.

She was also a college student like me and her college was only a short distance away from my college.

Then I asked her to meet, then she said that her mother comes to leave her college and take her back home so she cannot meet in college time.

I chatted with him a few days after the first plan to meet failed.
Impressed her with her sweet words and now she too started taking interest in talking to me.

Then I thought that this is the right opportunity.
After talking for a few days, I finally dared to ask her if she would become my girlfriend.
She started saying that she needed time to think.
I have also said that it is fine, if you want to take time, take it but definitely do tell.

Then one day she said – I like you and I thought a lot and I am thinking about moving forward in this relation. But I have some conditions.

I said yes, tell me, what are the conditions?
She started saying that you will not fight with me unnecessarily, you will not leave me after using it, etc.

Now I wanted a pussy, so I could not do anything for anything.
Happily I accepted all its conditions.

Then both of us became girlfriends and boyfriends. After coming into relationship, we used to talk to each other till late night.

I used to have a phone in my hand all the time during the day. She also used to sit online. Talking with him, Kamaras used to linger all day long from my cock.

After every three to four hours, I used to hit the mouth after seeing the photo sent by him or reading his sexy messages.
By the evening my cock was swollen and the nerves started hurting.

There used to be video calls till late at night. Then slowly in the insanity of the night, there was also talk of sex.
I used to be in mood. Wanted to kill her pussy very much.

Till now she did not talk about sex from her side, but slowly I opened her up.
Now she too had started telling her wishes that what she likes to do in sex.

One day I said – I am yearning to meet you. Get a chance to meet in some way.
She said – Mummy goes for a walk in the evening and the father is in the office. To come at that time. Then I will be alone at home.

Now in my mind lust was completely overpowered. I have been waiting for this time for a long time.

In the evening I went to her house to hide.
He kept the door open. He closed the door as soon as I arrived.
I did not see anything and thought. Hagged him straight away.
He also hugged me tightly.

Then I started kissing him. At first he did not do anything but later started to support him completely.
We clinged to each other for 10-15 minutes and kissed like crazy.

I slowly started rubbing her mums from the top of her top. Was it soft and big mum… I had fun!

Then he separated me and said – Now the mother will come, you go now. We will meet again later.
That day my cock remained thirsty.

His pussy is not known, but the tears of Kamaras with cocks were not stopped.

We met many times in the same way, but every time, just kissing and mum had to be suppressed.

Once I asked him to caress me, then he caressed my cock with his delicate soft hands.
Nothing could happen next.

One day I forced a lot that if I want to have sex tomorrow then she agreed.
When she agreed, the next day I too reached out to her with a condom.

As soon as I went inside the door, I broke on it. He started kissing loudly. She also started kissing me loudly. As if we were meeting after many years.

While kissing, she took me inside the bedroom, so I slammed her on the bed and climbed on top of her and started kissing her in a loud manner.
I started pressing her big moms on top of her top.

One by one she opened all the buttons on my shirt and started kissing on my whole body.
I also threw her top out and started rubbing her mums from the top of the bra.

Coming in fun, she started making soft voices. When my enthusiasm started increasing, I started pressing harder. She was now beginning to sigh… ah….

Then I immediately put my hand inside her panty and put a finger in her pussy.
She woke up
I was going to finger her pussy in and out.

Her pussy was completely wet. When I increased the speed of my finger, she started making loud and loud kisses and started biting my body.

Then I took off her and all my remaining clothes and grabbed her hand and put it on my full trunk cocks.
She started playing with me by moving my cock back and forth.

I said – take me in the mouth… my cock. Feeling very wooed!
he refuses.

I did not insist on her again because I wanted to kill her pussy at the end.

When I saw my landed face, he again grabbed my cock and started sucking with his mouth.
For the first time in life, I was kissing someone by giving cocks in my mouth!

For me, it became the first and very enjoyable experience of licking cock.
I was sobbing in fun now.

My hands had come on his head all by himself. I was going to grab his head and put cocks in his mouth.
I was thinking that I should be given cocks in the mouth of this prostitute and like this, I kept sucking my cocks like this day and night.

But we were in a hurry because we did not have much time.

Then I rolled it and put a condom on my cock. I put the topa of cocks on her pussy and pushed it.

With shock, I licked her cocks in her pussy.
She was not a seal pack because she also had a boyfriend earlier.

But her pussy was very tight.
As soon as I inserted the cocks, she screamed.

I told him to be calm.
He pointed out that he is in a lot of pain.
Then I started drinking her boobs. The tongue began to rotate round her nipples.

She started to enjoy a little and she started forgetting the pain of pussy.

Then I started the movement of cocks in her pussy.
I started kissing her on the lips and slowly cocks in and out of her pussy.

I was pressing her mums while kissing, and suddenly I gave a loud shock which made her ache but due to kissing, her voice was suppressed.

My cock was full in the pussy. Then I started pushing harder.

Now he too started having fun. She was also supporting me by jumping ass from below.

In the meantime, water had come out of her pussy and due to that, voices like pach pach started coming.
These fucking sounds made me more excited and I started to push harder.

Now I was moving towards my peak. I could have my semen removed at any time.
These were the moments for which I had long waited. The pleasure of leaving the semen in the pussy is the most pleasurable.

I kept banging her pussy continuously. Wanted to tear her pussy inside by fucking her.

Then after some time, my body became stiff and with full speed, semen was released from my cock.
I fell into her pussy while jerking off.

After that we remained calm for two minutes and then soon the storm stopped and there was a rush to flee there.

I took the condom off and lumped it and wrapped it in a paper and put it in a pocket.

Now I had to leave early. I had got pussy and I was very happy.

After that, I fucking him 5-6 times. Then there was not much chance in lockdown. I continued to work by hand.

Still I think that someday he will get a chance to fuck again.

So friends, this was my first Chudai story.
I will think about writing the story further based on your reactions.

You all support me and tell me where there is a shortage in the story and where there is scope for improvement. I will be eagerly waiting for your messages.

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