Sex Fun With Bhabhi And Her Friend
Dirty secret of my cocky sister

Hello Friends, I welcome Madhu Jaiswal once again in this sex story with my cousin.
In the last part
, my brother kept me naked day and night
, till now you had known that my brother Sunny was asking me to kill his ass. I was refusing to tease her.

He gave a call to my mom and started to have fun with me by handfreeing the phone in front of him

My brother Sunny started licking my cheeks and slowly licking my head and licking my other cheeks.

Now the batch grew inside me. I could not even speak anything. Mom was on call.

When Sunny started licking my neck, I became like desperate. I also grabbed Sunny’s head and did not want to, and proceeded to smooch with him.

In this, Sunny said – Look, what is Masi, Didi doing.
Mom said – what are you doing, son?

I started smooching Sunny without saying anything. Sunny was also hugging me and supporting me vigorously. On the other hand, Mom was speaking – what happened son?

Then Sunny picked up the phone and placed it near the lips of both of us. Now Mom was listening to the sound of both of us smooching… and I do not know what she was thinking.

Mom was speaking just like that – Hello, what are you doing, daughter!

After about 5 minutes we separated from each other. Till then Mom was on call.

Sunny said – heard what you sister was doing.
Mom said- someone will say something, only then I will know what is going on.

So I said – Mom, I am from it…
I used to say something ahead of it… Sunny spoke, I saw Na Masi… Didi was eating ice cream in such a cold… And it did not even give me a bite.

Mom said- honey son, give it to Sunny too… brother is yours.
I said – okay mom, I will give it now.

I said – Mom, I’ll talk to you later. First of all give ice cream to your sweetheart.
Sunny said, “Masi, tell me, give me as much as I want to eat.”

Then Mom said – Son is cold enough to give only one.
I bid – ok mom.

I disconnected the phone and as soon as I disconnected the phone, I jumped.

I said, man, you are not crazy at all… I have done all this in front of Mom.
Sunny said under the eyes – my queen, this is the twist of sex.

He hugged me and said – now you will kill my ass, my life!
I said – absolutely my brother, you have taken the order from the head office, whatever you want… you can do that.

As soon as we said this, we both started laughing and laughing.

Sunny said while rubbing my ass- man, I have killed many asses but I have not seen my ass like my sister till date.
I laughingly said – Good sir. Just tell me how many asses you have killed!

Sunny licked my lips and said – I know you all my life. You tell me one thing, you are also fucking with such cocks, who has got the best cocks yet!
Then I said – Whose thought, I live with her.

Sunny said- speak my truth, my love.
I said- Yes, I am a lot of cocks, but there is no one like you.

Sunny said – this is such a thing, let the queen be ready again today, today I have to kill your ass.
Sunny hit my ass with a loud slap.

I groan and bid – Ah what are you doing. I am your sister-in-law, I am not a call girl.
Sunny said – You are everything to me.

I quote – mean!
He said – You are my sister.

I bid – and!
So Sunny said – wife is my… and friend is my… and call girl is mine. She is my prostitute. You are my everything.

Seeing him with love, I said, “Good sir … I am your wife.”
Sunny kissed me while chewing my lips – why don’t you say my prostitute!
I also spoke in a sensuous tone – not at all.

Sunny licked my lips and took one hand on my pussy. I got distracted as soon as his hand fell on the pussy.

Then he slowly started caressing my pussy, causing a flame inside me.

He was saying – are you my idol or not?
I did not speak in trance.

During this, he started licking my neck and I was getting drunk due to its hot breaths.
Siski was starting to come out of my mouth.

In this, Sunny inserted one finger in my pussy.
As soon as his finger entered the pussy, I was as if absolutely shaken.

I started to speak – Ah do not do like this man… Ah, now quickly fuck
me . He licked my lips and said – You are my idol or not… Speak!

I also said in a trance – yes, my brother, I am your prostitute. Don’t torture me now Quickly tear off your prostitute sister’s pussy.
In this way, he said leaving his hand out of my pussy – no, my prostitute… not today but I will kill your ass.

I said in a bit of anger – whatever you want to do, do it… I am not able to bear it now.
Sunny said- My prostitute, a friend of mine wants to fuck you.

I said – which friend is yours? Both of your friends have already consumed my youth. Who do you want to fuck now?
He said – He is your friend.

I said startlingly- friend, which friend of mine… all my friends have taken mine.
He said, man, he is a friend of your Instagram.

I again startled, bidding – so what will it be for you!
He said- My darling, I will fuck his sister and he will be my sister.
I will think – OK… just calm me down first.

He sat down and started sniffing my pussy. He put the tongue on my pussy and started licking.

As soon as his tongue fell on my pussy, I was as if cool. It felt like someone had got his own.
He started licking my pussy with fun. I too was completely lost and was holding Sunny’s head and pressing it in my pussy.

I was diving in this conference of fun.

He kept licking my pussy in the same way and I was also licking my ass while doing it.

In between, he used to bite my pussy with his teeth, so that I would immediately get up and say- Ah what is sister sister… do not bite, you just lick.

He kept doing like this for about ten minutes. Then he started fucking me with his tongue and I too was lost in this tongue.

I love to fuck pussy with tongue. I was also absolutely delighted.

After about 15 minutes, my body started getting cramped and all my heat started coming out of the pussy as lava.
Sunny was licking the cream of my pussy in such a way that it is Somaras for her.

Gradually, he drank all the water in my pussy.
I also got a little cold.

In this, Sunny woke up and said while rubbing my tits, my queen, you have removed the nectar from your pussy. But I have not even started yet.
I said while holding his cock – this fucker is always ready to tear me.

Sunny said, Rani, you are like this.
I said – my king brother, put it in the pants now, no. You take all your summer off in the pub.

Sunny said with a laugh – what should I call Masi!
I said man, you are very dirty. How much Chodega to his sister?

In this, Sunny turned her hand on my ass and said – my queen till death.
I started to see him with love.

Sunny said – Do not torture man.
Saying this, Sunny bent me over the bed and started licking my ass.

As soon as his tongue was felt, I got tickled and thought – kill me sister … I am really your prostitute.

In this way he laid me on the bed and he was busy licking my ass.
I was also enjoying it.

He now took his tongue to the crack of my ass.
As soon as he did this, my eyes closed in a trance and I cannot describe that moment in words.

He used to do like this for about 10 minutes and I do not know when the brother-in-law put the cream on my ass. After licking the cream, it moved in and moved in.

In this, Sunny rested her cocks on my ass hole and with my two hands, gave a loud shock and the top of the cocks had entered my ass.

After licking the cream, it moved in and moved in. Now it was my turn to shout. I started swearing with pain.
I would say something further, in which he again gave a strong blow and the whole cock penetrated my ass.

Lund made a place in my ass.
I started screaming with pain and started speaking loudly to Sunny- Ah, take out the cocks, my ass got ripped.

Because of the pain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the sound was coming out of my mouth.

But he started licking the cock back and forth, which aggravated the pain and I started abusing my brother again – I took out my brother-in-law and licked my ass… why not fuck my sister Vinny.

Let me tell you that Sunny has a sister, Vinny… Mast is a sister-in-law and Sunny wanted to fuck her.
Vinny’s youth was also seeking a man, he also wanted to fuck now.

I wanted to fuck Vinny with Sunny and Sunny also wanted to fuck my sister.

I will tell you more about it sometime. I will come to this story now.

I was pained and said, why don’t I kill my sister Vinny’s ass.
Sunny said- I want to kill my life… but how do I?

He was licking his cock back and forth while speaking. My pain has subsided now and I also started to support Sunny while shaking her ass.

He too was full of enthusiasm and he increased his speed.

I was also taking a tour of the seventh sky and was fully supporting it.

We both used to be like this.

After about 20 minutes he came to loss and he increased his speed even more.

I started shaking ass too loudly. Due to which both of us were having a lot of fun.

That gossip was tearing my ass and I was also tearing it up with full vigor.

After about 5 minutes, he came to the ejaculation and started abusing me with color – Sister bitch will tear your ass… Ah my prostitute.
I also started abusing the abuser – tear my brother-in-law… make me your prostitute.

Like this, the era of abuse continued and a hot torrent came out of Sunny’s cocks and my ass was filled with her sperm and became satisfied.

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