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Fun of double fuck in first class train
Auntie’s spunky daughter fucking

Friends, how are you all? I am a Jat of Haryana (Bhiwani) and this is my first story on the immigration site. Hope you all like the story of sex on this train.

This thing is done when B.Sc. I joined Delhi University to study.
Before coming to Delhi, I was a Sharif boy. This means that there was no experience of sex or sex.

Although the written knowledge of Chudai was found after reading the stories on the site of the visit, but it was yet to be made an experience.
I did not have any girlfriends, so when I wanted to, I used to shake my hand and calm my cock.

When I came to Delhi, after coming to this city, it was as if everything had changed.
Seeing the beauty here, my cock used to be uncontrollable. Now it was not able to calm down by hand. He wanted the pleasure of sex.

My cock now needed a hot pussy. I also got in the line of impressing the girl.

Eventually, I got into a conversation with a girl in my college.
She was a very shy type girl, so it took time to set her up as well.

At first we used to quench the thirst of each other’s eyes by wandering here and there in college like the heroine of old Hindi films.
Nobody had the courage to move forward.

Slowly I spoke my heart to him. If it made him feel his love, then the phone numbers of both of them also changed.

After that, I reached the sex chat and finally after working so hard, I had gone the way of even kissing her cheeks and piercing her Titsi.

When I kissed her, my mind would touch her pussy.
But as soon as I used to take my hand down from her stomach, she would hold my hand and would not let the pussy even touch over the clothes.

Even after the girl was set, my cock used to be left yearning. She had not written her destiny yet.

Such days were being cut.

By pressing the tit of my setting and kissing it, I used to get wetness in my cock, but I wanted the pleasure of leaving the goods in the pussy by fucking.

Then once upon a time, after meeting my captive, I was going back to my room.
I caught the Metro from Rajiv Chowk.

Due to the evening time, the metro was very crowded. As soon as I got inside and stepped out of the door, I stood in the middle.

An old woman was standing behind me and a woman was standing in front of me with her back towards her, whose age would be around 30-32 years. His clothes looked like he was returning from his job.

Out of his white shirt and black pants, his shapely body was about to come out after tearing his clothes. His shirt was so tight on the booms of 36 sizes that even the air could not pass through them.

His eyes were sharp and his ass was like a man. Was it a raised ass with a chubby shape? Was completely out of the way.

Seeing him, I used to feel that here, put cocks in his ass.

Overall, she was looking very bad! Seeing her ass, my cock bounced up and stood up.

Then an idea came to my mind.

I slipped further on the pretext of giving place to the old woman standing behind me. By doing this, I now stood completely close to the body of the woman standing in front of me and my cock started going from her ass.

Realizing my cock on his ass, he turned around and looked at me.
It is obvious that he must have suspected that I am intentionally touching his body with the wrong intention.

But when she saw that there was an old woman behind and I moved forward to give her a place, she did not say anything and then stood up silently.

Anyway, the crowd was so much in the metro that it was not possible to stand far away.

In a short time, the movement of cocks started. Lund was completely tanned and the tremors appearing in it were now hurting on his ass too.

Her clothes were so tight that she could easily feel any movement on her body. The body of both of us was so close from above that any movement in my body could be clearly known to him.

Due to our body sticking, I started to leave my hot breath on his neck.
This is the simplest way to excite women.

In a short time, I saw the Bobs falling down on top of him.
Seeing her boobs, I realized that her breath has started moving very fast.
Meaning that my idea was working.

This gave me some more courage and I took one hand down and put it on her ass and started caressing it slowly.

He turned around and looked at me, but did not say anything. Probably due to fatigue due to work throughout the day, she was getting relief from my strokes.

Daring a little more, I pressed her ass lightly, in return she also responded with a slight smile.

Now my courage increased even more because I got his consent.

Now my hand was openly walking on his soft ass. My warm breaths from above were doing their job.

In a short while, a slight siccery started coming out of his mouth.

I asked her name, bringing my mouth near her ear and leaving a little warm breath.
It is as if a wave has run in his body.

Then he called his name Nausheen (name changed) in a voice of despair.

My hand below was constantly moving on her ass.
Occasionally, by taking my hand in the middle, I used to press her pussy lightly from above her office pants.
A slight sigh would come out of his mouth.

In a short time Nausheen became hot because A.C. I could still feel the sweat on her neck even though I was standing in it.

Nausheen opened a button above her shirt for the cool breeze, from which now I started seeing Nausheen’s cleavage.
I slowly took my hand down and stuck the cocks in the crevice of her cocks.

Then bringing his hand forward on the stomach of Nausheen, pulling it back a little, made his body stick to my body.
Due to the crowd in the metro, the attention of the people was not on us.

Taking advantage of this, I moved my other hand down, and opened the button of his pants and shoved them inside. I could now feel the wet pussy of Nausheen from the top of the patty.

After caressing it for a while, I inserted my hand inside her panty.
This was the first time that my hand was on someone’s naked pussy.

As soon as I touched the pussy, my heart beat became faster. At the same time, the cries of ahhh kept coming out of the mouth of Nausheen.

Now I was caressing Nausheen’s pussy from the front and from behind my cock was trapped in Nausheen’s ass crack.

As soon as the metro reached the next station, people began to push to get up and climb.
I too took advantage of this push punch and put one finger inside Nausheen’s pussy.

Nausheen chirped with the sound of ahhh but it was submerged in the noise of the Siskari people.
I felt as if I had given my finger in a blazing furnace.

This went on for a while.
I used to fuck Nausheen with my finger. Sometimes she used to rub the rash of her pussy and sometimes finger would penetrate inside the pussy.

Taking advantage of the crowd in between, I would press her boobs. She was just having fun with her eyes closed.
In a short time Nausheen reached its peak.

Then all of a sudden, his body swelled and suddenly his whole body began to loosen. All the weight of his body had come on my body.

After a few moments when she came to her senses, she was a bit different from me and took off her pants.

My whole hand got wet with her pussy juice which I cleaned with my handkerchief.

I smelled the hand by bringing it near my nose, and the smell of Nausheen’s pussy smelled from it.

After taking off her pants, she now stood facing me.

His body was absolutely clinging to me. Her boobs buried in my chest were filling my cock with new excitement. My 6.5-inch long cock was going to burst completely.

Nausheen took down one hand and started caressing my cock from the top of the pants. He measured my cock with his hand from above the pants. My cock was responding to all his actions with a jerk.

I gently approached his ear and asked how he felt, he smiled and pressed my cock and gave his answer that he liked my size.

He looked around to see that there was no one to see us, he opened my pants chain and grabbed the cocks from the top of his underwear with his hands inside.

Ahh… Friends, my eyes were closed.
When Nausheen’s soft hand got my hot cock, I was filled with joy.

Then he gave his hand in my underwear and started to lick the cock’s skin back and forth with his hand. I could not stand

She slowly started moving her hands back and forth to reach my peak.

In between, she used to suppress my cock, which used to come out of my mouth.

During all this action, both of us were only looking into each other’s eyes. I was having so much fun reaching my climax for the first time.

As soon as I was about to fall, he came to know the movement of my body and he left my cock.

Removing his hand, he gave one last rub on my cock and with that same rub, there was a burst of semen from my cock. Semen deflates began to appear in my underwear.

Mild jerking continued in my body and my eyes closed in the ecstasy of sex on this train. I felt a little conscious only after having a complete ejaculation. Nausheen’s hand had come out and a satisfaction had spread on my face.

But inside, my semen was also spread inside my underwear in pants, which made me feel wet on my thighs. I was afraid that the stain of semen might not come out on the pants.

The fabric of my underwear was thick, so the wetness remained inside. Nausheen’s hands also survived getting dirty. Now both of us had a relaxed face.

After controlling my breath, I realized that I had come ahead of my destination station.
Nausheen was the next station, so I also got down at her station as well.

After landing, she was walking ahead of me and I followed her back.
Seeing the secluded place outside the station, we both stopped.

She also wanted to meet and me too.
Then we thought of going to the lift of the metro once.

We again came towards the metro and entered the elevator. As soon as the door was closed, both of them broke on each other’s lips.

Not much time was found, but in this we kissed each other’s lips as much as possible.

Then she took my phone number and went towards her house, promising to meet soon.
I also came to my room after holding the Metro.

I had an ejaculation once. But for the first time, the incomplete enjoyment of sex in the train, the excitement of getting a touch of pussy was so much that I beat my mouth twice in ten minutes.

When my cock started hurting, I pityed him and left him. Then I kept waiting for his phone. What will happen next between us, I will tell you in my next story.

What is your opinion on this story, please tell me about it. Right now the sex of that sexy office girl is still pending. I will bring you the story of her fuck soon.

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