A rainy night with a beautiful woman
There is hope for that first night

This is my honeymoon story. My husband had given a fuck to my virgin bur the very first night. I want to live those moments again; I wish I had come back that moment…

My name is Preeti and I am a housewife. I am 28 years old. I want to share some of the best moments of my life with you today.

Dear friends, there are moments in everyone’s life that they always remember. Whenever you think of those moments, the mind gets a pleasant feeling.
Many times one has to resort to these moments to divert attention from boring life.

If you do not understand my motive for writing my honeymoon story, then let me clear you a little more.
In fact, after marriage, my life was going well.
There was a new marriage and love, romance, sex, jokes and fun were all very well in our husband and wife.

Gradually, when the marriage got old, then that juice also started slowly decreasing with life. By then, it has come to such a time that boredom started coming to life.

To overcome the same boredom, I am resorting to those moments, which makes my mind a bit relaxed after thinking about it.

That is why I want to share my honeymoon with you. You will also enjoy this and I too will enjoy the same adventure for a few moments.

A woman cannot openly tell all this to anyone, but she can tell through the story.

I hope that you will understand my loneliness and my feelings and it will help in removing my loneliness.

Now enjoy the story.

Whenever I remember my honeymoon story, my romance is blissful and I want my night to be like that night.
The dream of every girl is such that she will get the same love from her husband.

So friends, now I take you in my honeymoon.

When I went to that house after getting married, I too was fully adorned like every bride.
I was sure that at that time, if I see anyone, then I become crazy.

I was shown my room and I went to my room.
I was alone in the room.

When I was looking at myself in the mirror, I was feeling proud to see myself because I looked very beautiful and absolutely like an angel.

The size of my boobs was 32 which was clearly visible in my lehenga blouse. The bulge of my breasts could make anyone’s cock.
After all, men are thirsty for these mangoes, with whom they excite any woman by taking them into the mouth.

Then I went and sat on my bed.

After some time, he came in the room and started lifting my veil.
According to Indian tradition, I too was as shy as a bride; I started to feel ashamed.

By the way, I was really ashamed too.
They started telling me – we are now husband and wife, both of us have to support each other. If you are so shy, how will you do next?

He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his chest.
His lips came closer to my lips.
I felt his warm breath on my cheeks.

Then immediately he started kissing my lips.
I was stunned and I shook him and pushed him back and said – You have a glass of milk, drink it. I change.

He turned away but was looking at me as if he was saying that just now I come back after drinking milk, then how will you be saved!
I was also born cursory in my body. Even the man’s touch makes the woman restless.

I went in front of the mirror and started removing my jewelry. I removed the jewelry but was wearing the same clothes.

The bracelet in my hand was the only one left. My scarf was also on the bed and there was gauze in the hair and the hair was tied.

The blouse of my lehenga was taut on my chest from the bulge of my nipples and I was removing the last bracelet from my hands that they came from behind and filled me in their arms.

He started kissing on my neck and my eyes closed automatically with the touch of his lips.
I tried hard to stop myself but then kissing them again and again started heating me up.

I left myself to him. Now his hands came from behind me on my tits and kissing my neck, he started pressing the bulbs in my blouse.
The five fingers of his hand were pressing my nipple from all sides.

Both hands had taken hold of their hands and behind me on the buttress place on the buttocks part of the penis of their thighs was adjacent.

His lips were giving soft kisses on my neck and every kiss was throwing flowers of love on my body which used to shake me deep inside.

For a while, keeping me tight in his arms, he kept making me feel the tension of his cock on my buttocks and kept rubbing my pussy as hard as cotton balls.

With my soft belly and thin waist, his hands were being caressed again and again.
Then the grip of their hands was removed from my feet and their hands went back to my back.

I felt the hooks of my blouse unravel. It was found out that the time has come for the bride to be naked.
This realization was for the first time when someone got the moral right to take my clothes off.

How often does the boyfriend bare the girl before marriage, but being naked at the hands of the husband has its own comfort and thrill.
I was living the same pleasant feeling.

He unbuttoned the blouse from behind me and slowly removed my blouse from my shoulders.
Now I was just in bra in front of him and could not even see it in the eyes of him by lifting his eyes.

My youth was imprisoned in my bra, saying that it should not be stripped. Let this adventure continue for some time.
Standing in front of my husband in a bra was very encouraging.

They turned me on their side and stared down my valley of licks with lustful eyes and a single word came out of their open lips – Ahhh!
I also knew the rest of the words behind his one word- Ahhh… what are boobs.

He said no or no, but left no stone unturned to say.

I knew how attractive my boobs are. Even before the wedding, my chest was a center of attraction for men.

Many times I was also proud of myself that I am like a flower that catches the attention of whirlpools.

I was in the same thoughts that my husband got my nose inserted in my pussy.
He started to move his entire face in my boobs. He felt them on his face.

I was also very fond of him being mad for my body in this way.

Then they put lips on my lips and started sucking them.
Now I too have no fanfare and open my lips in his service.

I started to support him and he started sucking on my lips with my buttocks and squeezing me harder.

It seemed as if he is going to penetrate my lingerie into my vagina. His penis was already starting to hit between my thighs.

I was also feeling the passion of his manhood and was also satisfied that there is no shortage in his passion.

While sucking my lips, his hands went on the pulse of my lehenga.
A few moments after that, my skirt fell loose from my waist.

By the time I managed to fall from my legs, I had reached my feet.

They let him lie there and started taking me away from there sucking me up.
His lips were still not removed from my lips and I was being pushed towards the bed with him.

When the bed came forward while walking, I stopped but the husband was coming up on top of me and immediately he fell on the bed with me.

Now when my eager man had come over me and his body was on my body, I also opened my arms and started loving his body with his hands.

Now the fire of work had started burning inside me as well and my husband’s sherwani and his pajamis had started disturbing me between our lives.
I wanted them to take off their clothes too and then kiss me while lying on my body.

I did not have to wait long for that moment.
He stood up and started to open the buttons of his sherwani.

Now my blonde body was left only in bra and panty which was lying on the bed in front of them.

He took out the sherwani and put it aside. Now remove the vest and bare the chest.
I was a little shy because I was only lying down in my bra and panties.

But she used to take a look in the middle and see them.
I could see his penis stretched to one side in his pajamis.

Then they started opening the pajamis and removing it and putting it aside.

His underwear was smeared wet from the top of the cocks. They looked at me and I turned my eyes down.
Let me tell you that my body is a bit full.

Seeing my full body, he broke down on my body and started pressing my boobs on the top of my bra.

The grip of his hands was very strong. Now his enthusiasm had increased considerably. It seemed that pressing the teats would remove milk from them.

I was also in pain and was having a lot of fun. The pain also gets double with the pain in pressing the pussy.

Then they also removed my bra and started sucking my boobs with both of their hands.

To tell the truth, my eyes started closing due to Anand.

I also started to wave his hands in his waist and his hair.
I could feel his penis banging on my panty.

Now one of his hands went down and pulled my panty up to my thighs.
His mouth was still attached to my nipples.

Once again he came towards the lips. My lips started sucking hard. I was also sucking her lips in full enthusiasm.

My excitement was also increased.

After sucking my lips, he broke on my neck and started kissing her.
Then they reached my pussy through my belly and navel while kissing my nipples.

He did a cute kiss on my pussy. I shuddered and started throbbing my thighs.
But he grabbed my thighs with both hands and my pussy could no longer hide itself.

They were shamelessly looking at my pussy and I was getting watery with shame.

Then he took out the tongue and started waving it on my pussy like a snake.
Repeatedly touch and remove it with the tongue.

I started getting mad.

Then he gave the tongue inside my pussy and started sucking it like crazy.

I Siskarne engaged and my sigh hot enough Gyin- Umm … Ahh … Hah … Ss … Ahh … um
I do that was trying to prevent any kind here. But my husband like me was bent on killing me.

He licked my pussy and licked it completely and put tongue in it.
There was a very sharp sigh coming out of my mouth. Because of sexuality, my chest and my stomach were moving up and down.

Then they asked me to become a mare.

I became a mare and she started licking my ass and my pussy from behind.
You can imagine how fun it would be to feel that way.

Now I sent my shame to take oil. I also wanted to get immersed in his work.
Because of the pleasure, I attached the pillow of the bed to my chest.
I picked up my ass and licked my pussy and my ass hole.

Then they straightened me down.
Now he put down his underwear and I saw his damsel penis in Kamaras for the first time.
The penis was of average length and quite thick. The color was slightly darker but resembled with the husband’s body.

He lifted the vial nearby and applied oil on his penis.
Then they came to me after placing the vial and climbed on top of me; He rested the top of his penis on my pussy and started rubbing it up and down.

I became a complete kiss now. I also wanted to insert that penis into my pussy now.
Then he lay down on me and removed the penis in my pussy.

My pussy was wet for so long and they had applied oil on their penis, so the first time the penis slipped and moved inside the pussy.

I had a lot of pain and discomfort.
It felt like someone had pushed something hard in the pussy!
But the thirst for sex was also up to the pussy.

Putting the penis, putting tongue in my lips, started sucking me and I became happy.

I clung to him because of such happiness was found for the first time in my life.

He started fucking my pussy and I started fucking him.
Started having a lot of fun.
The real paradise was found.

But this pleasure was only a short while.
It was not even two minutes before the husband was pushed into my pussy that he was ejaculated; His semen came out in my pussy and he piled on top of me.

I kissed them on their foreheads and kept lying down.
We both kept clinging to each other like that.

The fire in my pussy was still the same. I did not want to be separated from them.

After 15-20 minutes, his cock was erect again and he asked me to suck it.
But it was my first night and all of this I felt very strange but still I grabbed their cocks and started sucking them in my mouth.

There was a strange smell in it, but it also looked very good.
My pussy was water and their semen-stained penis, which I sucked a lot.

Then they made me a mare and put my cock in my pussy, holding my waist from behind.

Now he grabbed my waist and started pushing very fast. I started having fun and was getting a little bit of pain too.

Then slowly I reached my peak and my pussy left all its water, then I lay on my stomach directly on the bed while I was getting discharged.

He started to hit very fast.

I asked him to stop, but he did not stop, and likewise, enjoying my waist and my fists, filled all my semen in my pussy again.

We parted again for a while.

After a while, he again asked me to suck my cock. This time I had to suck his penis for 15-20 minutes, then he stood up.

He again laid me straight and put his cock in my pussy and started fucking me very fast by raising my legs.
I was completely tired.
This time he kept fucking me in this position for a long time.

Then he lay down and he asked me to come over myself.
I walked over them and started riding the penis over them; He started banging his pussy fast on his cock.

He started sucking my boobs from below. I started to enjoy again and in a short time my water ran out.
They also fuck me all the way to get their water out.

That night was a very enjoyable night for me.
I felt that the marriage will remain like this throughout my life, but I proved to be wrong.
I never got so much love again after that night.

There was a lot of sex but that thrill and that romance gradually diminished.
Time passed and my sex life became very boring.

I have not been able to forget that night even today. I want that same moment to come back again.

I shared this story with you because I am very happy to remember those moments.

There is one more thing… People get a lot, but a good person gets very little.

I want a friend in my life who supports me in every way. Some people say that the person writing the story will be a fake but this is not the case. This is my true story and I have spent a lot of time writing it.

Anyone who likes my story can ask me on email and I can know more about it.
But I would say that it is only by trusting. Just find the right person.

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