Salhaj gets fucked like a wife in a journey

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Read in Jija Saali Chudai Kahani how I took my widow Salhaj on a journey. How did I fuck her pussy by taking a hotel room at one place.

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I am Chandan Singh, age is 59 years. I have retired after working. I am a widower and now I spend most of my free time.

Sometimes I go on a trip. Let me tell you about my widow, Salhaj Shanti, who was widowed during the fair this year, that she is 50 years old or a year or two above. His body seems to be a little more than the length of five feet eight inches. The weight will be more than 90 kg.

Her 48-inch chest is still tight and when she walks like a drunken elephant, seeing her hips rubbing against each other, she is forced to hiss.

She is absolutely desi goods, Jija sister-in-law had a physical union during the journey. After that we would go out to the nearest city when we got time and come back after completing our work there for two days.

In the meantime, we started having trouble meeting us. I had a good friendship with a tourist friend of mine who used to conduct religious tours.

One day he came to Jaipur. That evening both of them celebrated a beautiful party.

The next day he asked me to open an office for religious pilgrimage in Jaipur, along with an offer of participation. I also put a condition that you will make arrangements for travel to the tourist and you will also make arrangements for stopping the tourists etc. I will only book passenger. During the journey, at any place where there will be night rest. On the other hand, I will stay in another hotel with my ease.

My friend said yes. I opened a travel office in Jaipur and started booking people’s tickets.
I got unexpected success in this work.
My friend had planned to book a bus ride. But I booked two bus rides.

Our first trip to South India was for a month. I told everything to Salhaj. He told the matter to his younger son and got the son to say yes.

We were ready to leave on the appointed day. My friend came with two luxury buses. I stood ready to take the passengers from the place mentioned by the friend. After an hour the friend brought the bus and after showing the sights of Jaipur to all the passengers, started towards the destination.

Salhaj was made to sit on an already vacant seat in my bus. We started for the onward journey.

That night the bus had to run for the whole night. We both thought it better to sleep that night. In the morning the bus stopped at one place. I handed over the passengers of both my buses to my friend. To pick up my own and easy-going luggage, I told the bus staff to come with us with this stuff.

After this I took a rickshaw and after reaching a three-star hotel, sent the staff back in the same rickshaw.

On reaching the hotel room, Salhaj started opening my luggage.

She took out the glass with a bottle of wine and made two big pegs. Giving me a peg, she said – know, it has been a long time since I drank alcohol. Quickly empty it.
Like thirsty, both of us emptied the glass in a jiffy and I made the second time pegs.

We both emptied the glasses once again and I lit a cigarette from my pocket. He puffed and gave it to Salhaj.

For some time I was successful in changing the style of eating and drinking of Salhaj. Now she started enjoying alcohol and cigarettes openly with me.

After drinking two pegs, I went to the bathroom with Salhaj. On the other hand, we both opened our clothes and became naked. I turned on the shower and took Salhaj in my arms and started enjoying the cold water shower. On the one hand, the euphoria of alcohol was swirling in my arms on the other hand. Clinging to her bare body, I kissed lip to lip and started a flurry of kisses.

After about fifteen minutes, both of us kept bathing under the shower after applying soap to each other. Then rubbed each other’s body with a towel and cleaned it. Then both came out of the bathroom naked.

I dragged the table to the bed and restarted the wine cycle. While drinking, he kept mashing Salhaj’s naked mummies. She was putting her back on my chest and was giving cigarette with the peg. I was feeling cold while taking bath… the air conditioner was running from above.

After drinking every single peg, I felt comfortable. He turned the table to the side and started showing charisma by sitting on his knees by lowering both my legs. I mean to say, took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like ice cream.

For the first time in the last few months, I started ejaculating early in sex. That’s why for the first time, Salhaj used to make me fall by sucking, then used to enjoy sex.

Salhaj was sucking my cock badly. But today I was not ejaculating due to exhaustion of travel or drinking too much.

I said with ease – leave it man… you just come to the bed.
But she said – Brother-in-law, you probably do not know … I do not enjoy playing further until I drink your semen once for the first time. Don’t say anything, let me drink the semen first.

After saying this, she started sucking my testicles lightly with her tongue. Maybe I get excited, while doing this, his tongue started rotating on my ass hole. Here today she was tongue for the first time. I was feeling happy too. A slight sigh came out of my mouth.

By widening the ass with both the hands, Salhaj started rolling it vigorously into the hole by inserting the tongue further inside. I started feeling happy like heaven.

When I could not live like this, I took Salhaj in both the arms and said – Maybe today is the yoga of first kiss.

But Salhaj stuck to her insistence. She again took the cock in her hand and started sucking it fast.

After about five minutes I told him – take it in the mouth … the juice is about to fall.

Salhaj hurriedly took the cock in his mouth and started sucking the cock vigorously.

In the very next minute, the pitcher started leaving the cock. Salhaj became very excited and started drinking semen. After swallowing the semen, he cleaned the cock completely by licking it with his tongue. Now his eyes were shining with lust.

Salhaj made two big pegs after my fall. One was given to me, one he took himself. Both of us jija sister-in-law got happy after drinking alcohol. After fatigue, this fun was telling both of us to rest. To do this, both of us got used to it.

It takes me some time to kiss after falling… so I lay her on the bed with my arms wrapped around her. I pulled the quilt from above and both of us fell asleep by putting our feet in our feet.

After about an hour, the ringing of the phone on the mobile opened our eyes. The call was made by my friend only. He was saying that the food has been prepared… if you say then Free Sex Stories I should send it.

Salhaj was listening with her ears on the phone. He gestured for me to refuse. I disconnected the phone after saying thanks to the friend. By now the exhaustion was over. Lund was also tensed.

After putting the phone back, I broke down like a hungry dog ​​at ease. I had become a cruel predator.

This has become a habit for the last few months. Salhaj also had a yes in it. She also wanted the same sex.

I was biting him with my teeth everywhere. With my nails, lines were being drawn on his limbs. She was getting agitated with such pain… On increasing her excitement, she started caressing my testicles and cock very comfortably. Now her mother’s daughters were standing erect.

Salhaj put the cock in his burrow with his own hand. She was beneath me, I had climbed up. But she was trying to fuck herself by lifting her ass from below.

I too began to pelt it loudly. Both his hands started scratching me while caressing my back. I don’t know when in this game she started drawing lines on my skin with her nails. She started burying her teeth with her mouth, sometimes on my cheeks, but sometimes on the lips … or on the chest. She was constantly getting up and down with cocks. I would come slowly from above and give a loud jolt.

Now the abuses started coming out of his mouth – Chod de jeej … sisterchod my pussy tear dog … mother fuck de meri!

After walking at the same speed for about fifteen to twenty minutes of sex, both of us sister-in-law got soaked in sweat. While the AC was on full cooling.

When the time came for both of us to ejaculate, our eyes indicated that now is the right time to ejaculate.

Just the stream of semen and raj started flowing. After ejaculation, both remained wrapped in their arms.

Ten minutes later, as soon as I woke up, Salhaj also got up and started licking my cock again.

After licking the cock well, I asked – now what is the next idea?
She said – as you already know. Let’s take a bath first. After that you know what to do.

I started preparing to go to the bathroom once again with him. Meaning, before leaving, we both made a drink and drank it together… pulled a cigarette together.

Then my friend’s phone rang again. He was saying- Your room is needed for a couple of hours.
I asked – what is this?
He said – will you alone have fun… let me have it too.

I said – but you don’t have any?
He said – I have got it by the grace of the above. One item from your bus ride is ready. If you see him, then your mind will also be there.

Salhaj was listening to everything.

Nothing happened between us. Just took a quick shower and came to the room.

I had already given Salhaj fashionable clothes before the trip. He wore jeans pants and a T-shirt. Leaving the hair open, she did a good makeup. After this, both of us filled neat liquor in a water bottle and started coming out of the hotel.

While leaving the room, while giving the key to the counter, he said- My friend will come in a while, he needs rest. When he comes, you give him the key.

Having said this, we took a car taxi and went out to visit the city. Sitting in the car, he started drinking sips of alcohol from the bottle.

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