Sex Fun With Bhabhi And Her Friend

Auntie’s spunky daughter fucking
Cousin assfucking story

Hello Friends, I am with your friend Vin Talan once again in the hotel room sex story with the enjoyment of threesome sex story.
In the last part of the story,
in the fun of sex in the hotel with the neighbor,
you have read that the sister-in-law had picked up the phone to call her friend Twinkle, knowing my desire for three-sex.

Now further hotel room sex story:

Sister-in-law immediately called her and spoke on the speaker.

Twinkle – Hello Priya… How are you… I have missed my sister-in-law today for a long time… You have forgotten me.
Priya- No man, there is no such thing. One you are my best friend, other than you, who else is mine!

Twinkle – Well leave it… and tell me how are you… Now you must be having a lot of fun with Jiju! I wish I would get married soon, so I too would enjoy sex a lot everyday.
Priya- Yes, there is a lot of fun. But tell me what do you need to get married to enjoy sex? You are so beautiful that any boy will be set. Why don’t you beat someone up? Thousands of boys would have died on you anyway.

Twinkle – Yes man, I had a crack, but I left it alone.
Priya- Why?

Twinkle- Man, his cock was very small. Because of which he did not enjoy sex at all. Bhosari herself was discharged in 2 minutes and she and I were left thirsty.
Sister-in-law… Which pussy was it set?

Twinkle – yes friend, she was a fucker. If I had to leave thirsty, I had to work with fingerings. Then I thought, when you have to work with fingerings… then who gets boyfriend’s headache? I never tried after that.
Priya- If I introduce you to a boy who makes you happy with his thick cock?

Twinkle – what friend really! Then you will be called my true friend. By the way, who is that man?
Priya – Hai Mera Dewar (Vin Chaudhary) Ever since he saw your profile pick, I have been after him that let him get set once. Let me tell you that his cock is also very powerful.

Twinkle- Really… But tell me where and how did you see his cock?
Priya – I will tell you all together. You will do one thing, come tomorrow morning, I will introduce you to it too… And what do you know that will give your pussy the pleasure of sex tomorrow also.

Twinkle – sister, you have become a prostitute after marriage. Ok, let’s see some excuses tomorrow. By the way, where to come… tell me this?

Priya Bhabhi gave Twinkle the address of our hotel and said that she should come and call at the reception.
Twinkle – ok see you tomorrow.

The phone got disconnected.

Sister-in-law said while keeping the phone- Why is the brother-in-law happy now?
I filled her in the arms and said – yes my life… I am very happy, really you will fulfill my heart’s desire.

Priya Bhabhi – But when Twinkle comes, she will not have any problem from the hoteliers?
I said don’t worry, my life, I will talk to the manager of the hotel.

Then remembering Twinkle’s fuck, I had to bite all night in my eyes. With happiness, sleep was missing from his eyes.
In the night, the sister-in-law Choada still remember Twinkle’s fucking under her, and made her fuck her.

Well… just like it happened in the morning and that auspicious day had come, when my heartfelt desire for years was going to be fulfilled.

I set the whole matter by going to the reception.

In this case, Twinkle’s phone also came near Priya Bhabhi.
Twinkle told her sister-in-law that the bus was about to arrive in 5 minutes.

After a while Priya Bhabhi went to the reception to pick up Twinkle. I stayed in the room and waited for his arrival.

Priya Bhabhi came into the room with her sexy friend Twinkle and locked the door from inside.

I saw Twinkle for the first time.

She was wearing blue colored jeans and pink color top, which was over her navel. There was a small bag at the waist, which probably had college books and so on.

He had put an eye-liner in his big eyes. Lips were pink as if honey was dripping from them.
The cheeks are completely white, like apples from Kashmir. Long hair, thin waist, height 5 feet 6 inches and figure also of 32-24-32… which Twinkle told me after myself.

Overall, Twinkle looked like a model.

Twinkle proceeded to join hands as soon as he arrived. I too went ahead and shook hands with him and told him my name (Vin Choudhary).
He also introduced himself.

I was just admiring the beauty of Twinkle.
Then sister-in-law, where did the brother-in-law get lost? Are you fainted after seeing your dream queen?

I said while handling myself – nothing, sister-in-law… I have seen them for the first time from such a distance… that’s why.
Then the three of us laughed.

Priya Bhabhi gestured to me to bring beer and some snacks, which we had already arranged.
I brought 12 cans of Bud Visor, along with some snacks.

Then there was a talk of Priya and Twinkle with beer.

After a while I interrupted both of them and said – We are here too, Mournies… Somebody ask us how well.

Then Twinkle said – why not to ask your well, we have come from so far.
Twinkle and Priya Bhabhi both started laughing a lot.

Then Priya said to Twinkle – let’s play cards.
Twinkle said – Ok… what will play in the card?

Priya said- will play strip poker.
Twinkle said shockingly- poker is heard. But what is this strip poker?

Priya Bhabhi said- Look, there is no child here, we are all adults. There should be some excitement in the game as well. In this game, there is just one rule extra that whoever wins the game of poker, he will give any work of his choice from the rest. If the losers do not do that work, then they will have to take off one of their clothes. In this way the game will last as long as any one member will have a single cloth.

Twinkle quote- Hmm… it is all fun to hear. Let’s try the game.

I did not expect Twinkle to accept so soon. Perhaps all this was too wonderful to drink beer… or else to say that Twinkle was a girl with independent ideas.

Now the game started and Priya Bhabhi won the first game. He asked Twinkle to dance.

Twinkle also asked Priya to dance with her, but Priya did not listen to her sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law said- Order is border… otherwise you take off your top.

Twinkle took off his top.

Twinkle wore a red color bra. From which the cleavage of her mummies was looking very cool.

My mind was thinking that the mother chuday game… I can press its mummos right now and drink all the juice.
But until the fire breaks out, the fun is also less. So I thought it appropriate to just wait for that fire.

Well… Priya Bhabhi won the next game too. This time, he ordered Twinkle to hug me. Twinkle accepted it happily and I too got a chance to touch her.

I squeezed him tightly in the arms… The scent of his body started driving me crazy.

Then sister-in-law said – Easy brother-in-law… There is a lot to be done.

The game resumed. Twinkle won this time. She asked Priya Bhabhi to take off the saree, which Priya Bhabhi accepted very comfortably. Now Priya Bhabhi was in blouse and petticoat.

I won the next game. I told both of them to eat green chili, because I knew she would not be able to do it. The same thing happened… and Twinkle had to take off her jeans and Priya Bhabhi took off her blouse.

As soon as the jeans came out, the smooth thighs like the smooth milk like the banana stem of Twinkle had become naked in front of me.

She was wearing a bra matching red panty. The three of us were overjoyed with the atmosphere of beer.

Twinkle won the game the next time. He took off my T-shirt and Priya Bhabhi’s petticoat. Now Priya Bhabhi was also left only in bra and panties.

While doing so, only the underwear of the three of us remained.

Then Priya Bhabhi said- Twinkle darling, if you are scared then just do it or dare to play more?

On this, Twinkle said with a wink, “Sister’s lord … Where have you seen my courage now?”
Intoxication was started in his voice.

Priya Bhabhi won the last game again and she ordered both of us to take off each other’s underwear. I have wanted this since long.

I took off Twinkle’s panty in one stroke and threw it away.
For the first time, her hairless pink pussy was in front of my eyes.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I gave a kiss to Twinkle’s pussy.
This made Twinkle swear. He also stopped and took off my underwear, so that my 7 inch long cock bounced on his face.

Seeing the long thick cocks, his eyes were wide open and he said – O my God… this is very big and fat cocks.

Then Priya Sister-in-law said – My life is for you, today I will fuck you with all my heart. So enjoy it openly.
On Priya’s request, Twinkle grabbed my cock and started moving it back and forth.

Then Priya Bhabhi came forward.
Sister-in-law grabbed my cock and started sucking with Twinkle – take my life like this… What is the sister-in-law shaking?

Now it was Twinkle’s turn. He kissed my cock first and then took it back and forth with his mouth.

I was in heaven I did not even think in my dreams that such a beautiful girl so soon, would be naked and suck my cock like this.

Twinkle was sucking my cock and Priya Bhabhi was playing with my eggs. I was feeling as if I am in heaven.

Twinkle quote after ten minutes sucked like this – now it’s your turn.
I said – okay my darling.

I lay down on the bed. I told Twinkle – You bring both your legs near my mouth and sit so that I can lick your pussy.
Twinkle did the same.

Now I was licking Twinkle’s smooth smooth like puffed pussy, plus I was rubbing both hands of Twinkle vigorously with both hands.

Priya Bhabhi was sucking my standing cocks very hard.

Friends, I could not describe the happiness that was being received at that time. Shortly after, Twinkle’s body swung and I fell in my mouth with great erotic pleasure.
I drank all the water from Twinkle’s pussy, ah… it was a very tasty product.

Now Twinkle opened both her legs and lay down on the bed and grabbed my cock with her hand and said – Please fuck me… I do not tolerate it. Fuck me fast

Without delay, I put a pillow under his ass and lifted his legs in the air and put my cock on his pink pussy.

Due to such a long time, his pussy had become very wet, due to which in one stroke, the lump of my cock penetrated his tight pussy.

Thick betel nut ripped into the slices, then Twinkle started spluttering with pain.

I stopped there after seeing his flirtation.

At the same time, I asked Priya Bhabhi to lie next to Twinkle, then Priya Bhabhi did the same.

Now Priya Bhabhi was sucking Boobs of Twinkle and I was slowly putting my cock in and out of Twinkle’s pussy.
A few moments later, Twinkle’s pain began to subside and he closed his eyes with fun.

I would occasionally suck Priya Bhabhi’s lips, sometimes drink her nipples and sometimes rub Twinkle’s lips, then I would rub her nipples.
In this way the three of us were fully supporting each other in Chudai. All three of us had gone crazy in sex.

Then Twinkle immediately woke up and said – Ah fak me hard win, fuck me with full force.

I indicated to Priya Bhabhi that she sucked Twinkle’s lips into her lips.

As soon as the sister-in-law started sucking her lips, I hit a forceful shot, which made all my cocks penetrate the depth of Twinkle’s tight pussy.
Twinkle pain arose and started trying unsuccessfully to free himself.

But where was I going to believe it? I said while stroking him – I just lost my life… Now there will be no pain, only it will be fun.
I stopped like this and started kissing and licking Twinkle’s whole body.
Priya Bhabhi was also fully supportive in this work.

In a while, Twinkle’s pain subsided… then she started shrugging herself.
I also started giving my cock back and forth to give Twinkle the pleasure of fuck.

Priya Bhabhi also used to rub Twinkle’s pussy in the middle and sometimes lick her and my body.

Friends… I could not describe in words how much I was enjoying doing sex in this way.

At this time in the hotel room, only the three of us were listening to the fun of ‘Hmmm… ahhhhhhh ..’.
That’s when Twinkle started strutting quickly – Ahhhh… I was gone!
She collapsed while taking her pussy.

I too had reached the peak now, so I increased my speed and stuffed my goods in Twinkle’s pussy.

I had Priya Bhabhi and three Twinkle Chodas twice that night.
A lot of goods had gone out of my cock. I was exhausted. Perhaps this is called the happiness of three-some. This happiness was made possible by my beloved Priya Bhabhi.

That day, Twinkle also got so much pleasure that she decided to stay with us at night as well.
She made Priya Bhabhi talk to her family members that she is studying at her friend’s house. He had decided to have fun by pretending to study.

I do not know how many times… and in the twenties of different types of rugs, all three of us had sex. In this way, my desire to do three-fold was also fulfilled and the three of us had got the pleasure of fucking in the same way.

Now Priya Bhabhi is away from me because her husband has been transferred to Mumbai city.

For this reason, both of us are able to run the business by having sex chat with sister-in-law on the phone only.

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