There is hope for that first night

My friend made me hot by Choda
My first story of gay sex

Hello friends, my name is Vipul Kumar, I live in a city in Uttar Pradesh, due to privacy, I will not write the name of the city.

Those who have not read my old stories can read them by clicking on my name above.

In the previous story you read how the doctor broke the seal of the sapphire and then his brother-in-law also spit .

This boyfriend sex story is an incident ahead of him.
So let’s start the story with Sapphire herself.

Hello friends, my name is Neelam. This time I have brought a new story again.

My sister is married in another city where it takes three to four hours to go.

Two three boys used to live in rented rooms in Didi’s mother-in-law’s house.

Rohit was one of them. He used to live with a room on rent at Didi’s house and used to do jobs.
He used to call my sister in law. She had a good habit so didi thought her right.

When I went to Didi’s place, Rohit used to try to talk to me. I used to answer him a little bit.

In the same way, our talks gradually increased and both of us started talking a lot.
Sometimes if I was on the roof, he would also come to the roof and start talking to me.

Then he also gave me his mobile number and we started talking on the phone. In this way, our friendship continued to deepen.

If sister had ever needed any item or had to order anything, Rohit would have given it.

Rohit used to help Didi a lot too. Rohit used to talk to me in front of Didi too, so we had no fear of Didi.
He was very mixed with sister, so he used to talk about me as well.

Once in the talks, Didi must have told her that she will get Neelam and get you married.

But what happens when you say that? If it happens, it is the one who is destined.

Then one day Rohit called me ‘I love you’.

At first I refused.
But then he said – now your sister has also asked to marry both of us.
Seeing the same thing, I also said yes and accepted his ‘I love you’.

I had returned to my home.

Now we started talking even more on the phone.
He would also speak sexy jokes, talk about sex.

I talk to her, mother did not know this. I used to hide the mobile in the bra too.
Then I had a mobile with a keypad.

I loved her, Rohit was my first love, I was also convinced that both of us would get married as Didi had said.

I used to tell him everything. He also used to tell me all his things.

Now he started talking more openly than before.

When I went to my sister’s house, she would kiss me. We both used to meet mostly in the downstairs room.
Then he used to press the breast from the French kiss and put his hand on the pussy from above!

Many times, when she kissed, she wanted to put her hand in bra panties, but I refused, saying, whatever you want to do, you will do it only after marriage.
He also believed.

He would hold me for five to ten minutes, kiss the horn, suck the tongue, tongue to tongue.

Friends, tell me what will happen if you kiss someone for five to ten minutes in a row?
I used to tell her that something is happening to me and I would split up. My heartbeat would increase and the breath would start moving faster.

When I used to get very excited, I used to release my hand and run upstairs.
But both of us never progressed beyond this.

He had a lot of desire to have sex too, but I used to refuse that we will do sex only after marriage.
He used to get angry on this too, but I used to convince him because I did not like to have sex before marriage.
And fear was also felt that something might happen or no one would know.

Didi’s brother-in-law also lives in a downstairs room in Didi’s house. They also hit the line on me; Trying to talk to me.
But they were like stray type boys so they did not like me at all.

They also wanted to have sex with me but I did not talk to them.
Don’t know why… I had a lot of boys following me from the beginning, but I would not give grass to anyone.

Whenever I used to stay in my sister-in-law’s house, Rohit would talk a lot!
He also gave me a lot of gifts.

If it had been a long time, he would have come to my city to meet.
He would say – Neelam has not seen you for a long time. I feel like seeing you.
And he used to come to meet him with a bike.

Many times he even came outside my college.
Whenever he came to meet me, both of us used to meet in the market or mall and used to talk.

Once he started saying that the conversation could not be held properly. We both go to the hotel or to my friend’s room!
Meaning he wanted to meet in private.

If I met her in private, she would not leave me without a fuck!
So I refused to meet in private.

He would also get angry on this, saying – you don’t believe me at all.
The battle of both of us would have become a noose. So I was the one who used to celebrate her.

Friends, nowadays, most boys simply mean by pussy, boys who are truly loving will be just one percent.
Some boys are also such that the girl is beaten up, fuck her and then start looking for someone else.

And then girls are also not reduced. She makes boyfriends at an early age and after falling in love, breaks her seal.
Most of the virgin young girls are the victims of such boys and boys also like raw buds a lot.

Well I would say that both are at fault.

We had two years of making love in this way. Now Rohit had started talking freely.
He used to say that after marriage he will go there, he will do this, he will do that.

I too was convinced that we would get married.

One day Rohit quit that job and got another job in a good company.

He had a maternal uncle’s girl who enrolled in the same city to pursue his B.Ed.

Since Rohit was already living, now his maternal sister lived alone, then he thought it okay to live together and the two started living together.

A friend also lived with Rohit. Because of this, Rohit vacated the room from my sister’s house and took room on rent in another place and both siblings started living together.
By staying with him, Rohit did not have to cook and also had to do a lot of work.

By the way, the people of both their families knew and it was decided to live together only at the behest of the housemates, because the girl of her maternal uncle would come from the village and live alone in the new city.

When Rohit told me that he had vacated the room from my sister’s house and took the room for rent in another place, I felt very bad.

But we used to talk on the phone.
When I used to go to Didi’s house, he used to come to meet me.

He used to say that you come to meet me at my room!
But I would refuse and then sister would also refuse to send it.

Me and Rohit used to talk on the phone so his uncle’s girl also came to know about both of us.
Rohit had told about me. My uncle’s girl also knew my sister.

Many times Rohit even got his uncle’s girl to talk to me. He knew that I and Rohit love us.

She also used to call me to meet me but I did not go.

It was once winter. I had come to live with Didi at Didi’s in-laws’ house.
I went to Didi’s house after a long time.

I used to talk to Rohit over the phone, so I had to tell that I had come to Didi’s place.
He was happy to hear this.

Two days later, Rohit said – come visit me at my room!
So I flatly refused.

He started insisting, yet I refused.

Rohit became angry, he started to say – I go so far to meet you and you cannot come here to meet me in a city so close? I have obeyed you and you cannot agree with me? Looks like you don’t love me. How many times have I come to see you, so can you not come even once?

Such things started Rohit.

I said to Rohit- well if I come, will you do anything or not?
Rohit said – No, only kisses will do. If you will say that too! If you do not mind, do not do any thing, you will not do anything further.

Then Rohit got me talking to his maternal uncle’s girl who was with him.
She also started saying, come on friend! I will also meet you.

When he insisted a lot, I told Didi and said that Rohit’s maternal uncle’s girl is calling to meet him.
So didi refused at first, but when I said two or three times, didi said yes and said – Okay, go away but come early.

The next day I agreed to go.
But I also felt a little scared because I had never visited her room before.

Then I thought what would he do if Rohit is accompanied by his maternal uncle’s girl.
There will be my maternal uncle’s girl with me there, so he will not be able to do anything.
Thinking this, I went to meet more.

I put on a scarf wearing a nice salwar kameez (kurti) and went to meet her.

When I got out of the house, my heart once said that no, I should not go there.
I started thinking whether to go or not to go?

But then I thought nothing would happen. There is also the girl of his maternal uncle there.

Rohit’s room was about four and five kilometers away from Didi’s house. I went to sit in the auto.

After reaching there, I called her uncle’s girl because I had not seen Rohit’s room. I was going for the first time.

She came to pick me up at the crossroads where the auto driver landed me.

Then both of us came to Rohit’s room.

Rohit’s landlord did not live there because he had been relocated.
So there were locks in the room of the landlord below. Just rented two rooms above, in which Rohit and his maternal uncle’s girl lived.

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