Aashiqui and Chudai from a married nurse in a hospital
Aunty’s pussy assfucking

Read in the naked story that I was widowed in my youth and I did not marry again. But the body needed sex. So what did i do?

Hello friends, my name is Deepali Patil and I am 35 years old. I was married at the age of 24 and was a love marriage.

This is my first bare story on conscience.

We husband and wife wanted each other a lot. However, like every love story, after a few years of marriage, our relationship also started deteriorating.

We were tied to each other by something, so that was the wish of our daughter. I had never been so interested in sex before.
This was also a reason for our relationship to deteriorate.

I am gawky in appearance, but my husband often praised my figure.

Well… one year ago my husband died due to illness. Due to his insurance, I got a significant amount of money, which did not make me want to work.

Now I tell my main sex story.

There is no desire for sex after husband’s death, but he says that at the age of 30 to 40, body lust increases. Anyway, due to the tension in the relationship, we used to have very little or no sex.

6 months after his departure, lust erupted in my body.

Before and after marriage, I had never looked at a foreign man with that view.
But now I could not handle myself.
By the way, my husband often used to say that I should get a boyfriend. He often used to play role while having sex.

At the school where our daughter went to study, a man used to come everyday to pick up and drop her daughter.
He used to look at me every day like the boys who often beat a girl.

At that time my husband was there, so I had told this to my husband also.
Then my husband had sex with me thinking the same man one day.
I did not know why that sex was very pleasant.

I told this thing to my husband… so he started keeping the same while having sex with me.
Whenever my husband used to fuck me, I used to ask that same man to climb on top of me and enjoy the fuck.

However, I never liked to do this every day and due to this, there were many quarrels between us.

Now when the husband is no more and lust erupts in me, the same man started coming in my mind.
Anyway, a woman like me needs only such good, good and honest men.

Now I made up my mind and started giving lift to that man. That is, I too looked at her and started answering her smile with a smile.

One day he came to me and started to introduce himself.
I too introduced myself and made ‘Hi hello…’.

He requested a coffee, which I did not refuse.
He took me to CCD in his car where we both talked about ourselves.

His name was Vicky. Vicky mourned my widow, but must have been happy because he had been craving me for the last three years.

Now I had trouble how to proceed… because I definitely wanted to fuck, but I was also afraid.

Well… we took farewell by taking each other’s mobile number.
Now things started on our daily WhatsApp. He started sending me messages of poetry, good morning and good night every day.

It was not understood when this sequence turned into a message with double meaning. Now our chat had turned into a sexy and erotic message.
Although I never sent such messages to him, but I did definitely enjoy such messages sent to him.

One day, sitting in a coffee shop like this, he asked- We should meet somewhere alone too.
I postponed it by saying ‘I will think and tell ..’.

But the mind definitely wanted it, or say that I wanted it too.

Then by the time he reached home, his message of ‘I love you ..’ had come and he was wishing me to express himself in a different way.

Just after two days I will meet him at my own house and say yes.
In response to which he sent a lot of kissing smileys.

I needed two days to groom myself.
I did waxing facials etc. in two days.

It was Thursday, as usual we both came to deliver our daughters to school.

I got out on my scooty and made him gesture to follow me. Stopping Scooty a few steps before my apartment, I called him and told him my flat number.

I also instructed him that he should come ten minutes after my arrival and open the door directly and come in so that no one can see him coming to my house.
At the same time, on coming to the wing, he asked to give a missed call.

Vicky too followed my instructions and entered my house.
I was standing just behind the door.

As soon as Vicky entered the house, I immediately closed the door.

Vicky immediately filled me in his arms and said – You are very good, I have come to love you.
He just put a series of magnets on me.
I also started supporting her.

I was wearing a one piece silk babydoll nightie which is open from the front and remains convenient in a way.

With love, he again kissed my forehead and said- You are very beautiful… and your body is more beautiful than it is.
I also said in response- I have also started liking you. I want to name you this time. Today you smell me, seduce me… Make my dreams a reality.

My body was smooth and there was a tear in every limb. Rich in elegance and beauty, Roop Lavanya’s juice dripped into her arms, my youth began to wait for her work to be performed.

He started sucking Kamaras from my juicy lips and his hands started caressing my advanced pointed uros.
I started splashing in his arms like a fish without water.

The conflict between lust and excitement had started between two blazing bodies.
I put the necklace around his neck and pulled his head and brought it to his Urozas.

He started caressing the bulge of the peeping out of my bra and put the hand inside the bra, measuring the roundness of my nipples with my hands.

He took out my energies. My nipples had come out, blackened nipples came out as if they were teasing me.

He pressurized them between his fingers and gave him the zest. I doubled over with pain and pleasure and in the second moment she put her mouth on one of my hard nipples.

I stopped doing ‘Jesus ..’.
Lots of lust were lying on my murderer’s eyes. My fingers were stuck in the root of her hair and she was tightening it.

I had pressed my delicate lips between the teeth. The time had come to a standstill, the excitement was overflowing and his cock was still in the confinement of clothes.
He was fluttering for freedom and was saying that make me a witness of this erotic union. Without me you will not have paradise.

He wanted to open my nighty from restless and I also supported him.
During this time, he also stripped his clothes from his body.

I was wearing a red colored netted bra panty under pink color nightie.

My eye was fixed on her lingade by looking at her well-stocked body.
His Lingdev was looking at the sky due to excitement. The skin on the top of the cocks had moved down and its gulabi supara was glowing and my eyes were dazzled.

My pussy was wet due to his magnets. My legs were shivering with excitement. I sat on top of the sofa with great pomp.

Vicky made space between my legs and sat on my knees. After coming close to me, he first smelled my pussy. By smelling it, he could smell the aroma of the pussy.
My pussy was already wet. I separated both the pieces of pussy with my fingers.

He kissed my pussy about 5-6 times and then got into kissing. He started caressing the long cleft of the tongue with the tongue and inserted the middle finger of one hand into my pussy.

I woke up chihuka – Oops. … Aaaah… Oui EEEE ..

My hands were behind his head, which was caressing his hair and pulling continuously towards the pussy. He was just engrossed in my kiss.

Only ‘Lap… Lapar… Lap .. ’was heard from his mouth. His fingers were descending into the depths of my pussy.
He would sometimes suck the grain of my pussy, sometimes bite it lightly with teeth. By doing this, he was taking me towards extreme happiness.

Then I grabbed his head in between his thighs and started pulling his head towards the pussy with both hands.

A scream came out of my mouth – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh from your mouth.

I did not know what lust started raging. Then I got freaked out.
Vicky said – you fell without taking cocks!

I filled her in my arms and started to kiss her and hold her head.
He too filled me in his lap.

I grabbed his cock with one hand and started caressing it.

He looked into my eyes, both of us had become intoxicated and were desperate to join each other.

His erected cocks had become much tighter and longer.
Curiously, I parted a bit and started looking at his cock. There was about 7 inch cocks, which was probably one inch bigger than my husband’s cocks. But yes, the thickness was twice as much as my husband’s cock.

Seeing the long thick cock of a non-man, both my mouth and pussy had watered.

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