My friend fucking my virgin daughter
Aashiqui and Chudai from a married nurse in a hospital

I have nude sex in this story. Due to my disbelief, I took a non-male in my affair, called him to his house and enjoyed the fuck with his cock.

Hello Friends, I am Deepali Patil once again welcoming you all in my Chudai story.
In the last part of my nude sex story, in
the longing of sex with a non-resident, till now you had read that the hot cock of a non-male was dripping saliva in my pussy.

I was desperate to take that standing cocks in my pussy. My lustful mind was not under control and I got up and made myself sit on the sofa.

Now I bent myself and started trying to fill his 8-inch thick cock in my mouth without holding it in my hand.
His Lingdev was looking at the sky due to excitement.

I started sucking and licking the nut of his cocks, caressing bullets under the cocks.

Restless with my attack, he extended his hand and squeezed my fleshy pussy. The sound of ‘Ahhh ..’ came out of my mouth.
He came down and started trying to eat the wet pussy directly from my smooth Kamaras.

Already sitting ready to give up Kamaras from this act of hers, I again gave up Kamaras. I also opened my mouth and made up my mind to take amrit drops of his cock.

He exclaimed like a Sharif man saying – I am going to come. Take your mouth off
But I had already made up my mind to eat his cock rabri. If there is such a fantastic cocks, then rabri will also be cool. In any case, I did not want to let her rabri of cocks go.

I looked at him with lust with eyes and with the gesture of hand, told to leave the cocks juice in the mouth.

He too spilled amrit kalash from his cock with a sharp sigh, which I accepted with great fervor.

The squirt came out of his cock, which I took straight in and opened my mouth and tasted the lube juice with taste.
One after the other, eight cocks were removed, his cock had finished its excitement in my mouth.
I licked a few drops of the nectar of his cock, which had been scattered on my mummies here and there, and licked it with my finger.

He was looking at me with eyes full of lustful sex.
In my fun, I licked his cock clean.

Now, placing my head on her chest, I was calling my hair on the broad chest with my lips; She was wearing her love on the chest. His hands were stroking my cows through my head. Such a venture lasted for some long time.

Then slowly his hands started reaching my Uros. He started doing magic with fingers on my nipples.

His cock, which was still semi-wanted, then filled up with excitement. Now his taut huge cocks started pricking me.

I too was getting ready for fuck now. My wheatish smooth skin and shapely physique made her lustful again.

Putting my hand on my waist, he pulled me towards him and first inscribed a kiss on my neck. Then, putting my face on my magnificent Urozas, moved my hand back and started caressing the fleshy bulging buttocks.
I started supporting her.

Then I handled his cock on my own and started rubbing it on my smooth pussy.
There was already leakage of Kamaras in Chut, which started to lubricate the cocks.

My discomfort was increased when I felt hot cocks.

He pulled my legs over him, it did not take me long to understand and I put both my legs on both sides of his face and put a beautiful breath like a blooming flower on his mouth.
He also pushed his finger in the pussy this time for the purpose of providing different pleasure and started to walk his tongue from the pussy to the ass.

The snort of my body was telling the extent of my joy.

Now he started moving the tongue on my pussy rash and gave two smooth receipts on my smooth ass. Along with putting two fingers in the pussy, I started trying to increase my lust more.
The way of sucking my cock was also fierce.
The restlessness of both of us had come to the climax for fuck.

He laid me on the ground. He lifted both my legs in the air and held them in his hands.

He handed me the task of setting the cocks in the pussy.
I set his thick thick cocks in the hole of my pussy.

My pussy was already smooth and sticky after shedding the juice, so as soon as the supra was placed at the mouth of the pussy, the pussy opened its mouth and welcomed the cock.

I tried to contain the cocks inside me with the sweet sound of ‘Ahhhh .. Ihh ..’. He did not drink cocks with a jerk .. but only put supara in the pussy for a while, which caused me to yearn for more.

The sound of ‘Ish .. Ahhhh ..’ came out of my mouth automatically and I started trying to bounce my back.

Now his discomfort was also on Shawab, so he put the whole of the cocks together at the root of the pussy.
And while doing this, my feet got up in the air and pressed them towards my face, due to which the pussy emerged even more to take cocks.

Taking full care of long thick cocks, I woke up with fun and pain.

There was a round of hot sex.

I had kept my handsome breasts moving with the shaking of chudai with my own hands. I was also feeling my own nipple.

After getting my excellent velvet seasoned pussy, the cocks also became crazy and this madness created a ruckus.
He increased the speed of fuck with high bumps.

Erotic sounds were coming out of my mouth too.

As the two experienced bodies quench the thirst, the thirst continues to grow. Fucking game was on extreme thrill.
He used to pull the cocks up to the mouth of the pussy first, then fasten it to the root with the same speed.
Every push at that time was drenching both of us with happiness. Chudai’s train started to gallop.

“Ahhh .. Uuuhh .. Iiihhh .. dead went ray .. fucking give me ah .. and fucking … Yes that I’m hard .. Come on .. ‘
was a make-up of several words of my mouth.

The eyes of both of us had turned red from sex.
Both of us had been ejected once, so this time no one wanted to end the war.

He frantically smacked my pussy while fucking it.
I spent the night of ‘Fake Me Hard .. Fake Me Hard ..’ in English.

Saying ‘Oooh ahah you are the best faker of the world ..’, he hit my Urozos out loud.

I started getting relaxed and relaxed. I had shed my nectar.
Now the sound of Fuch Fuch Khach Khach Khach started coming from Chut. He continued to fuck even after my loss.

Vicky now made me sit on top of myself, I set my cock on top of myself.
For a while, I started to sit like a mare on top of the cocks, but due to his tremendous fuck, my legs soon responded.

He was still engaged in tremendous fucking. He took hold of my leaping energies and started pressing.

I was like flying in the seventh sky. Holding my waist with one hand, he bent me over it.
Realizing her intention, I put a barrage of kisses on her lips.
Now we both started deep smooching each other’s tongue.

As a result, his cocks and tremendous fuck started, which was going deep inside and giving me a feeling of infinite joy. Due to the kiss, his cock had become more huge and I was able to feel him completely.

I again started saying ‘Ahhh .. Ouch .. Ahhh .. Fak Me .. Fak Me Harder ..’.

My patience began to leave me, the body started to stiffen with a snort.

My words were making her more gothic, her body also began to swear, I was feeling the vibrations of her feet. Lund started to relax and his cock started to leave a sharp atomizer.

‘Ahh .. ahh…’

I could feel every single drop of her semen. I felt like it was raining in a barren field.

My pussy was filled to the brim with her semen. I tiredly fell down on him.

Both of us had attained immense joy and both were tired.

He filled me in his arms. My groan was buried on his chest.

After a while, after breathing became normal, I lifted my face towards him and looked at him in my eyes and started smiling.
Our lips joined together and we started deep smooching.

I thanked him and said- After so many years, I am so horny. Thanks
‘Your welcome darling.’

Then both of us got up and went to take a wash, where once more, while expressing our love, Deep Smooch.
Seeing the urgency of the time, both of us got ready immediately and went out of our house to pick up our daughters from school.

And yes, while going, he also took a promise to meet each other.

I had stopped fucking with my husband long before he passed away.

Friends, we both had a love marriage, but due to time, our marital life was continuously deteriorating.
It was our daughter, due to which both of us were playing with each other.

Today, he could not understand how right it was to fuck a non-man .. and how wrong .. Perhaps I was giving my wish in full.

Now both of us started meeting at my house many times. Sometimes 2 times a week, sometimes once, sometimes continuously.

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