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I am present in front of you from Raj Rohtak (Haryana) with a Chudai story from a village… This incident happened 3 days before Deepawali this […]

Masi’s thirsty pussy

Hello friends, my name is Abhay. I am 22 years old. My height is six fit and stumpy. I am from Gujarat and have been staying at my […]

First sex fun with newcomer bhabhi

This is the Hindi sexy Chudai story of the time when my brother was newly married. Brother used to work outside the city and used to […]

Chudai with beautiful bhabhi in a moving bus

Hello friends My name is Aarav and I am 22 years old. I live in Ahmedabad, but have been working in Mumbai for the last two years. […]

Wife’s mother was warmed by showing cocks

My name is Kunal. I am Nagpur (Maharashtra). I am 31 years old. My previous story was: Husband made my pussy fuck with Jiju I was married 3 years […]

Wife and her niece with her in-laws

For almost all my readers, I have brought this story after about two years. For a long time, I was trying to give something new to […]

My friend made me hot by Choda

In the first part of the story, my friend called me to his room, in which you read that I had gone to his house after […]

Took ass from friend’s girlfriend

Friends, my name is Vicky. This incident of mine is a real incident that has happened to me. I am presenting it to you after the permission […]

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My name is Sandeep. Right now I am a beautiful and attractive young lady of 21 years. My height is 6 feet. I belong to Hazaribagh district of […]

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Friends, I am Sonia Verma. This is my first sex story, which my friend Sangeeta told me. I thought that I should share this cool desi sex […]

The first love of the innocent

Hello friends, my name is Sunny. I am 5’6 ″ tall and fit with my body. I am also good in appearance and soon I like […]

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I welcome Sonia Verma again in this incest sex story. The last part of this story Chodu husband Chudakkad Biwi By now you had read that […]

Story of bhabhi ki chudai yearn

I reached her house to fuck her sister-in-law through conscience. I fucking him twice. Before returning I wanted to satisfy him completely. what I have done? Hello friends, I […]

Neighbor-in-law fucking in lockdown

The hot desi bhabi sex story is of a married woman living in my neighborhood. How did I kill her sister-in-law during lockdown? Read and enjoy Hello my […]

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Friends, how are you all. my name is Sameer. I am 27 years old and I am very smart in appearance. I love girls and their soft pussy […]

Thirst for a maid’s body

Friends, I greet all of you Raj. I am from Bhopal; I work in Delhi. I am a regular reader of immigration, so thought that I too should […]

Sex with office girl

Office Girl Xxx story is of a Punjabi girl in my office. She was very beautiful. He needed my help and became friends with him. My greetings to […]

My friend fucking my virgin daughter

Read in the story of my daughter’s pussy, how I saw my real daughter fucking with her friend in my house. What a sight I saw inside… […]

Chudkadai Tai Massaged By Pussy Fucking

I had to fuck sexy Tai. In these sex relationships, my Tai took the initiative to encourage me to have sex with her. Although I also wanted this […]

Illegitimate love of mother and son

Read in Hindi lust story how she felt when a widowed mother saw her son fucking his girlfriend. Lust also woke up in his mind. My name […]

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When my stories are published, good and bad matches come from different parts of the country. Talking with some readers is only two to four days, […]

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In lockdown, I was not able to kill my face by having a single room in the house. My anxiety was increasing. One day I got a way […]

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Sexy Biwi Chudai Story is my wife’s double chudai. My friend and I got my wife naked and kicked her ass and pussy by making sandwiches too! […]

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Friends, my name is Sajid. I am writing this name after changing it. I am from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh). My height is 5.5 feet. Color is fair and body […]

I became a prostitute in my office

Hot office sex story is from my boss. First of all, the boss killed my pussy and then after that, the process of my fuck did not […]

Fucking the classmate after her wedding

School friend sex story is my classmate’s pussy fuck. He contacted me after 3 years of his marriage. She was not happy with her husband. Friends, my name […]

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Read in the jungle sex story that I met a sister-in-law in a training. We got a chance to spend some time together and we became friends. what […]

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Read in the Indian Gand Chudai story that I used to have a lot of itching to get Aloda in my ass. My friend made me befriend […]

After Fucking in Bhabhi Ki Chut Dreams

Hot Bhabi Sex Story is of Bhabi living in my neighborhood. I used to dream of fucking her pussy. One day wrote a letter and gave it to […]

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I enjoyed the vigorous fuck from my servant. I had kept it for sex. How I had fun with him in the hotel and what a blast! Friends, […]