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Got a second pussy in wife’s deception

My name is Alok, I am from Jaipur Rajasthan. I massage the body of women. I am a regular reader of free sex story. I am 27 years […]

Pussy asked for help

Desi Bhabhi Sexy Story Read that while walking in the night, I found a disturbed sister-in-law on the road. I help him. Learn what happened after that in […]

Married Masturbation

Now Nude Bhabhi’s Mast Chudai story ahead: Shweta- I remain happy because of you, I do not feel lonely or else Amitesh does not have time. […]

Married Neighbor Mast Chudai

Friends, I hope that you guys have liked the sex stories of my past experiences. My previous story was: Brother-in-law used to help each other I got […]

Hot Aunty’s Smooth Pussy

Hello friends, I regularly read almost every sex story on immigration. Today I am going to tell you one of my Hindi family sex story. Only after […]

Kamasin virgin nun

My name is Amit, I am 22 years old. This hot family sex story is from last year. I wanted to finish my college and go […]

Aunty Cocks Licked And Ass Fucked

Friends, I am present again from Rahul Panvel Mumbai. I am writing this sex story again today, because my imagination aunt and uncle came to visit Mumbai […]

Aunty Cocks Licked And Ass Fucked

Friends, I welcome you once again to my imaginary aunt’s sexy ass xxx story Rahul Kumar. In the last part, for the first time, you had […]

Cock Pussy Assfucking

I am Sonia Verma again spotting you soaking in the rasp of the sex story. In the previous episode Didi Jiju’s desire to watch Chudai, you had […]

Fucking after phone sex with friend

Friends, I am writing my first story Anand. Let me first introduce myself to you. I am 24 years old and I am a resident of […]

Cock Pussy Assfucking

I welcome Sonia Verma again in the next part of the sex story Aunty uncle’s fuck. In the last part, the younger sister was shown the […]

Sign of first love

My greetings to all readers of Insatriation. I am a resident of Nisha, Kota (Rajasthan). I am 24 years old. Today I am telling you the truth based […]

Chodea after her wedding to a girl next door

Friend sex story is of a girl living in my neighborhood. She kissed her husband for the first time after marriage. But not satisfied. How did I get the […]

Love from the non-masculine night

Indian Housewife Sex Story Chudai with my husband’s friend. One day he went to the party. A friend of his came to leave him home. When he started staring […]

Bhabi beaten by sister-in-law app

Friends, my name is Aryan Sharma, I live in Pune. My profession is of a gym trainer. I am 32 years old and I look very cool young […]

Happy night of non-masculine

Friends, I Rekha has brought for you the second part of the story Hot Sex with Friends Wife. In the previous part of the story of a […]

My thirsty pussy ass orgasm

Mistress Servant Sex Story is thirsty for my youth. I could not be satisfied with my husband’s fuck. So I encouraged my young servant to fuck me. I […]

Fivesome Group Sex Fucking

Wife swap story is my new friend’s wife’s wife back and forth. They invited me to their house for 3some sex. What happened there? Hello Friends, I am […]

Husband got wife’s fuck with friend’s big cock

This beautiful wife sex story is from my own wife. Once we were watching negro sex videos, then there was talk of big cocks. My wife was taking […]

Fivesome Group Sex Fucking

In the desi couple swap story, read that a couple from my town contacted me for the swap. But my wife was not ready for swapping. Friends, […]

This pussy does not quench its thirst

n the story of Kaalgirl sex, read that I stayed in the hotel in connection with work, then my pussy started asking for cocks. Cocks were arranged […]

Friend’s husband killed my pussy

Friends, my name is Akshita! I am once again spot on immigration with a new story for you! You know me very well I have published three […]

This pussy does not quench its thirst

Hello friends, my name is Roopa and I was telling you in the sex story how I extinguished the fire of my pussy. The last part […]

Wishing to lick my pussy ass

Read in the Hindi story of dirty sex that I wanted a slave husband from the beginning. I loved getting my pussy and ass licked. How did I […]

I became a prostitute in my office

Hot office sex story is from my boss. First of all, the boss killed my pussy and then after that, the process of my fuck did not […]

Fucking the classmate after her wedding

School friend sex story is my classmate’s pussy fuck. He contacted me after 3 years of his marriage. She was not happy with her husband. Friends, my name […]

Pussy fire and lond thirst

Read in the jungle sex story that I met a sister-in-law in a training. We got a chance to spend some time together and we became friends. what […]

Enjoyed getting asshole from uncut cocks

Read in the Indian Gand Chudai story that I used to have a lot of itching to get Aloda in my ass. My friend made me befriend […]

After Fucking in Bhabhi Ki Chut Dreams

Hot Bhabi Sex Story is of Bhabi living in my neighborhood. I used to dream of fucking her pussy. One day wrote a letter and gave it to […]

Hired thirst-cock to extinguish pussy thirst

I enjoyed the vigorous fuck from my servant. I had kept it for sex. How I had fun with him in the hotel and what a blast! Friends, […]